Friday, June 20, 2008

Cricket tipping: Round whatever-it-is

Sportsfreak's cricket bloggers' tipping competition is going well.

I am in second place.

English people are winning.

The leaderboard looks like this:

King Cricket 30
Republique Cricket 30
Miss Field 29
The Silly Point 26
Well Pitched 26
Sportsfreak 25
Beer and Sport 25
Ben from Mike on Cricket 25
Sport Review 24
Mike from Mike on Cricket 22
Cricket With Balls 20
Cricket Action Art 20

Here are the questions for the next round.
1. ODI at Portishead Park: Winner
2. Portishead Park: Highest run-scorer
3. PP: Most wickets
4. ODI at Fosters Oval: Winner
5. FO: Highest run-scorer
6. FO: Most wickets
7. ODI at Lords (no funny titles appropriate there): Winner
8. Lords: Highest run-scorer
9. Lords: Most wickets
10. Shortest innings in terms of balls faced excluding not out batsmen.

Now, Leg Break who usually posts the tips on the Sportsfreak site, is going away. But don't be sad, he'll be back soon.

Unfortunately, however, some naughty people have not yet submitted their tips, so he can't publish the whole list. However, so that everyone knows he isn't cheating (as if anyone would have thought he's cheating - he's a Kiwi not a Pom) here are his tips:

New Zealand - Surely then anger levels are high enough to break the duck?
How - Surely, one of those starts gets converted.
Southee - With a stronger bowling line-up, they are going to target him.
England - Win one, lose the next etc.
KP - Flat track bully on flat track.
Luke Wright - Do not adjust your set.
New Zealand - Too little too late
Prince Brendan
Vettori - Too little too late
An east one - Daniel Flynn.

Anyone who hasn't submitted their tips as yet should should be advised that the deadline was a few hours ago, so expect to lose a point.

Let's see, who hasn't submitted theirs as yet... Chinaman and Jrod. I'm sure they're either saving lives or rallying on the steps of Cricket Australia to get some old guy selected; both very important reasons to be held up.

Oh, and else's name do I see that hasn't submmited as yet? Ahh, Suave.

I think he's watching the Hoobs. Shame. It could have been great. Because at the moment he's equal first. But not for long.

I must say, I'll be quite disappointed when this is all over, it's been great fun. Who votes Leg Break should maintain ongoing cricket tipping?


Oomby Dave said...

Hurray! I was beginning to think that Miss Field had died and gone to heaven.... Not yet;)

Miss Field said...

I would have baked a cake.

UTP said...

what is this? Some competition of some sort?

Miss Field said...

Hello UTP, have we met before? I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but anyway yes it's a tipping competition of the current England/New Zealand tour organised by Sportsfreak. The site is definitely worth a visit if you've never been.

Suave said...

I'm not having that!

I've put my tips in approx 24hrs before the start of play!

If you antipodeans need to deduct points from me for that, to win, then do feel free.

Miss Field said...

Love how when the Poms get agitated they pull out the "antipodeans" insult.

cdak said...

Hey Miss Field, thanks for the welcome which I only just noticed! Yes indeed it's new. I felt the one thing this world really desperately needed was another cricket blog, so...

Miss Field said...

Well the more the merrier, I'm just shithouse at remembering everyone.

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