Friday, June 13, 2008

Hooray for Jrod

Good evening and welcome to the end of my week.

I would like to congratulate Jrod for a successful campaign, Cricket With Balls is the featured blog in this month's Wisden.

This is well-deserved recognition and there's no doubt Jrod has a blindingly bright future. Just don't forget us or we'll hunt you down.

Not only has he won a one thousand per cent increase in hits, he will also get to be Mr June in Miss Field's Bloggers of Wisden 2009 calendar.

Stuart Broad has already pre-ordered his calendar.

The question is, will it be over to Dubai or back to England for next month's Wisden?


Suave said...

They'll never choose me, because I can't stop shitting swearing.

Bollocks to em, I say!

Miss Field said...

Well I think they should :)

Imagine if you went through every single post and changed ever swear word to "badself". That would be so funny.

Suave said...

I might try that, one day!

Not today, I've had lunchtime beers, and swearing's where it's at this afternoon!

Miss Field said...

Fuckin oath!

Jrod said...


Q said...

What makes you think they will choose me? Am I in the running?

probooklover said...

hey miss field - what do you think of Simon Hughes cricket/ashes piece here:


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