Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Full Tosser said...

Miss Field, I totally agree with the captions, I was just wondering which time did they cheat are you refering to? as there are so many to choose from ;)

David Barry said...

I feel like the whole cricket world has gone all soft. The batsman has to watch where he's running. If he collides with a fieldsman, then he risks getting run out. If the fielding captain decides to be nice and not run him out or withdraw the appeal, then that is his right.

Miss Field said...

And that may be fair enough, but I then reserve the right to label them cheats.

Especially since they're the first to bang on at the rest of us about the spirit of the game.

Anonymous said...

i think the spirit of the game thing is a lot of bull's biological waste.

but then sportsmen should be a sport!

Q said...

Thats a bit harsh isnt it?

Its happened before as Uncle J points out on his blog.

Its alrite really.

Plus Collindwood got all emotional abt it later on apologising and stuff.

Others havent even done that.

Miss Field said...

Stop being my conscience Q, it felt good!

I haven't seen Collingwood getting emotional, I'm not sure I care to. I just want to give Daniel Vettori a hug, but what's new?

Hello, have I seen you here before? Just looking at your blog now, it's fab.

free bets said...

sidebottom did nothing wrong, it was an accident

Rob said...

Blimey:, pot, kettle, Australian

Miss Field said...

I hope it was, Free Bets...

G'day Rob, how are you?

Wicket Maiden said...

They ARE cheats, let's not forget the time when Steve Harmison chucked the ball back at the stumps , appealed, and got Inzy given out. Although, the umpire was stupid for giving it out.

ironflex said...

Anyway, they also quoted a highly articulate passage or two from this humblest of cricket blogs, and had the audacity to label me a 'rabid fan'... and suggest that these pages are littered with profanity. Like, what the fuck?

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