Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leadership in cricket

The ECB have cancelled Zimbabwe's tour of England and Zimbabwe's participation in next year's Twenty20 Championship in England. So pretty much they're banned from England.


Finally, some leadership from someone.

Why did it have to be England?

Oh that's right, because they're the ones with a tour next scheduled.

Wait a minute, aren't India supposed to be in Zimbabwe at the moment? My blog says so!

I lose track.

I've said it before and will reiterate here, sport and politics cannot and should not be separate. The Olympic Games is another can of worms, but for that debate I direct you here.

Anyway, England won't be fined by the ICC because it's actually the British Government banning Zimbabwe from touring.

One day, when Zimbabwe will be back in the cricket circles, when their troubles are less one Robert Mugabe, it'll be great to have them back.


Homer said...

funny how Governments come to bail out Cricket Boards that show a distinct lack of spine.

Miss Field said...

Hey Homer, you're dead right hey, although if you can save your cricket board 2 million for a decision that will be made anyway I suppose I can understand that. Maybe the ICC need to change their policy, or maybe the ICC need some spine and should look at their Zimbabwe policy.

Jrod said...

So then Pakistan should also be boycotted, being that they are run by a dictator.

South Africa as their president is an aids denier.

Any of the West Indian leaders a little dodgy?

Brisbane said...

And England for having warm beer!

The Kiwis for their annoying little brother syndrome!

The Indians for being Indians!

Suppose we could always just play with ourselves.

Miss Field said...

At least we might have a decent contest in that case Brisbane.

Brisbane said...

It's never a contest. I always come first.

Boom tish!

Anonymous said...

england took a step, forward in the right direction in the politics of the game.. now when are they moving in that direction with their cricket?

free bets said...

didn't the government let the england team tour there a few years ago? too little too late

Sara Bradshaw said...

We support any decision to send a message to a tyrant such as Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

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