Friday, June 6, 2008

Luke's turn!


Luke Ronchi has got the call. He's gonna GET A BAGGY GREEN! He's going to the West Indies! He's going to hang out with Ricky Ponting! He's going to play cricket! I'm envious of all these things.

Brad Haddin broke a finger (heh heh. Who said that?!) and is in doubt.

So, while I hope Brad's injury isn't too serious, I hope it's serious enough to keep him out for as long as it takes for Luke to prove himself and cement a place in the team. Knowing our cricket team, that may take a while.

I would also just like to say that I am aware many of you dislike Simon Katich, but I think I reserve the right to dislike him the most, as he abandoned Western Australia.

You all know how I feel about deserters.

And we all know that the darkest circles of hell are reserved for mutineers and traitors.


CurryCricketer said...

NSW will always dominate the Australian team. If ... nay, when they drop Johnson & play Dougie Bollinger, we'll have an all NSW bowling line up!!!
Haddin apparently played two days with the "broken" thumb. Build them tough in NSW.

Miss Field said...

Yeah, that concerns me. Still, hopefully he'll at least get one match in.

Jrod said...

Build them tough in NSWales, Douggie has a freakin rug on his head, and brett lee sings for horny indian teens, give me a break.

Ronchi will star, because if not I will be sad.

Miss Field said...

You tell him Jrod.

Actually, there's another reason for Ronchi to do well, otherwise you'll be sad, and that may lead to a petition.