Monday, June 23, 2008

Steve Waugh: Status Confirmed

Guest blog by The Full Tosser:

In the recent light of clever articles written, co-written and produced by Miss Field I have decided to look up a few players for myself on the social networking site Facebook. Of the many awesome groups (Beat Ian Bell around the head with his bat then stick stumps up his bum, being my favourite) I have settled on one, The one.

It is none other than the tall, die hard aussie cricketer and all round good guy: Steve Waugh.

Results for Stevie are varied but there is an inevitable positive feel about this fella. May I also point out, there are no negative groups. And I believe that speaks volumes, considering that on the 'burns victim' Ian Bell front there was a mixed bag of opinions on that sausage eating midget.

Anyway down to business starting from the least popular group:

Of Course! I have met Steve Waugh in person. (13 members) This group would undoubtedly increase in size if all the Indians he has met had a Facebook accounts. Recent news of this group being: "Guess what? I met Steve Waugh." But that's ok, even if you met the dude years ago I think most Aussies and cricket respecting players/followers (no Poms cos there's no respect there...) would be able to claim that and still have a kudos status greater than Paul Keating after he met the Queen.

We Need Steve Waugh (20 members) Not much happening in this group although there are more people who need Steve Waugh rather than have met him. Unlike those who have met Graeme Smith, who well exceed the amount that need him. The description does make for interesting reading: "Steve Waugh is not only Aust greatest cricketer, but would never allowed our character to be dragged through the mud. We miss u Steve. S R Waugh never lost the Ashes" Fair call I say, mind you the Poms only started cheating the moment the 05 Ashes began so I'm not sure if we can all blame our Ricky for that...

Steve Waugh Appreciation Society. (50 members) It is beginning to become apparent that some people will make up any old group with uninspiring names like this, I reckon if I looked hard enough I could find the "2 Girls one Cup Appreciation Society", and that's not a group anyone should be a member of! Usman Darr eloqunetly quotes: "If mother earth had a cricket match with other planets, Steve Waugh would captain us." Hear hear.

I still miss Steve Waugh (53 members)
Slightly more original group title though no much action in the group, a few odd posts but the pictures are what makes this group worthwile. See, able.

Now this is what the Aussie team is all about, the digger attitude. Many comparisons can be drawn from the ANZAC boys to our team, and New Zealand's I suppose. The Australians being the kickers of shit (yes you know which team is the shit) and the Kiwis taking up the rear (not taken up the rear) trying their best but at the end of the day being not good enough.

Steve Waugh is a God in Cricket (114 members) Now we're talking good group names. Succinct and down to the point straight away, truthful too. There are a few topical debates that are raging between who is better, Warne or Ponting, which is interesting considering this is a site dedicated to Waugh, maybe they misspelt Waugh's name into Warne. Bloody Poms...

And finally The Church of Steve Waugh (192 members) Obviously this is a religious group and thus placed in the right category. Many members means this is a hip and happening group where all the cool people go cos the uncool are uninvited and must contend with the "I think Andre Nel has a pretty face" group.

One particular thing I would like to mention is the sledging part of this group. A few qoutes are pulled from here and pushed from there and show what a wit and genius Waugh was with his mouth, here is a sample:
In a Sheffield Shield game between NSW and SA, Steve Waugh was taking an eternity to take guard, asking the umpire for centre, middle and leg, two legs - the whole lot. Then he steps away towards leg side and has another look around the field, before re checking centre.
Jamie Siddons is at slip, and decided enough is enough. He yells out-"For christ sake, it's not a fuckin test match."
Waugh replies: "Of course it isn't … You're here."

And one more...
In the Ashes of 02/03, every time Nasser Hussain went out to bat, he was greeted with the same thing from Steve Waugh: "Enjoy it Nasser, this is your last test. We will never see you again." Brilliant.

So what can we all conclude from this? Steve Waugh has no negative Facebook groups, he is a hero with the wit of Oscar Wilde and if you are stupid enough to make a group with a silly name like... "Michael Vaughn" then no one will join and you'll end up looking like an ass, like... Michael Vaughan.


vignaesh ram said...

gr8..pls visit

Q said...

Waugh was the man!

Jrod said...

I refuse to support any group that bags Jamie Siddons.

©hinaman said...

He has done a lot for a charity organisation in my homecity. He is affectionately called Stevedada (Steve my older brother) by the young inmates.

"If you don't help people who are in need, it's just not cricket" - he is known to have said.

I have adopted that as my forum signature, and am not changing it.

Sanath said...

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rocky said...

you are right Steven Waugh and will always be a gem of the cricketing history. A true champ and a fighter with a humble heart..that is Steve Waugh for you..

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