Friday, June 13, 2008

When the world lets you down

While the largest island and smallest continent in the world is partying for one of our own, a drama has unfolded over here.

Now, Chinaman, who created this site, maintains the forum and writes the blogs, has not had an easy run with this page.

People who were supposed to be helping were plotting against him to take over the site, they failed and the situation resulted in a hate campaign against Chinaman. Subsequently he lost a number of members and was removed from a BBC Sport blogroll (among other nasty things).

As there was no reason for his initial removal he was recently added again. However, the BBC producer who was investigating the situation wasn't happy with him using posting An Ode to The England - a post from this blog which he particularly liked - as the words 'fuck' and 'twat' were used.

Although the Silly Point link is still there, according to this producer, this particular post can potentially warrant the removal of the Silly Point link (again!).

The most galling aspect of this is that Chinaman is committed to maintaining a site that does not tolerate bullying and pointless profanity, and yet one blog post that uses two contextualised 'swear words' is unacceptable? People like Chinaman are what this world needs more of, they should not be ostracised.

Personally I think the BBC producer is annoyed because the post made fun of the English team and Andrew Flintoff. Had it been written about Ponting and Co this would not be an issue.

I urge everyone, regardless of whether you support England or not, to get over there, discover what a fantastic site The Silly Point is, show your support for Chinaman and your disappointment with the BBC producer's attitude, for surely if we scour the other blogs linked, we wouldn't have to look too hard to find similar words.


Suave said...

Sorry, but what the fuck is wrong with pointless profanity? As Stephen Fucking Fry once said..

"The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or of a lack of verbal interest is just a fucking lunatic"

Miss Field said...

Well to an extent I haven't got a problem with pointless profanity, otherwise I wouldn't swear, right?

But that's his belief and I respect his commitment to it.

Stephen Fry, what a champ.

Suave said...

He certainly is!

He's my favourite person in the world. Or he's certainly my first fantasy dinner party guest.

Miss Field said...

What? Not Daddy Suave?

Suave said...

He's second..

Chinaman said...

Thanks, Miss-field
First time someone spoke in support for the Silly Points.

@ suave,
I have no problems at all with an individuals personal choice.

It is like banning smoking in public places. I do not object to people smoking, as long as they do not blow smoke on my face.

On a discussion forum, which used to be shared by members 13yr upwards, I had to draw a line.

I ran a clean board without having any moderators. My members knew why I had the rules in place, and they took pride in enforcing it.

I had no problems in publishing FullTosser's poem on my blog, and I have justified why I was not going to delete the words.

Suave said...

Fairly do's Chinaman, I respect your stance. I was just trying to use profanity as a point against the BBC rather than your goodself..

Leg Break said...

Can someone please explain to me why the BBC are condoning a smear campaign against a cricket blog / forum?

That's the saddest part of it.

Makes me want to swear.

Keep up the good work @hina

chinaman said...

@ sauve,
Sorry I misunderstood from miss-fields response to your first message.

Not Gordon Ramsay? [His kid's been pulled up for using profane language in school. :) ]

I am a great admirer of Stephen Fry. But my first fantasy dinner party guest would be Michael Palin.

Leg Break said...

My fantasy dinner date would be that Japanese guy who can eat 62 hot-dogs in 15 minutes

chinaman said...

@ Leg break,
thanks for your support too.
I have spent much time reading the columns on your site while cooling down.

It is not so much as BBC condoning the smear campaign, as much an attempt to cover up the 'selective' failings of the 606 moderators.

The negative campaign was intentional to drive away my members, and get them to join their new forum. BBC 606 was their biggest recruiting place.

And they could not let me contribute, only to hide the fact I am not the monster they were trying to make me.

The more popular my site became, more was the generated envy, and more the number of my 'enemies'.

There are one or two names mentioned with reverence in the cricket blogging sphere, they too have been involved in this on 606, dropping sneaky comments here and there. I have long been aware of their hypocrisy and kept away from them. Initially they could only try to criticise my support for Ganguly, of late they have found new strength in numbers and gone into fabricating their claims.

Being an Indian myself, I can safely say this petty behaviour is an Indian thing.

I am almost certain that one or more of these BBC moderators are friends with this bunch of my ex-members. They have systematically removed my articles and comments that did not break any house rules, whilst letting the lies posted by the others to stand for weeks and months.

I had asked for a reason why the bloglink was removed, I was told it was following a complaint. I wanted a copy of the complaint under the Freedom of Information Act - I am now told it was a telephone complaint. How convenient.

The BBC producer has now seen the evidence, but is reluctant to admit that moderating on 606 is just a sham. Hence the attempted muscle flexing, over two words.

cricindia said...

Miss field, How gullible you are. Is chinaman a media moghul that someone will launch a hate campaign? Lol, he is a jerk. He is a hate filled person. People who spent enough with him know him.

If you are flattered by the inswinging yorkers comments, you are deceived. He is just here to get some attention that he lost on his forum and site.

Pump and dump, next is you in the line....

Ask chinaman on who cricindia is. Ask him about many more cricindias like me whom he didn't care as an individual.

- cricindia

p.s: Hilarious that people like you and legbreak think that BBC started a smear campaign on sillypoints and even more comedy filled is the explanation of chinaman that BBC is trying to coverup their moderators job. Knock, knock at your brains. BBC is 100000000...times bigger than sillypoints. Did you ask yourself why BBC need to launch a smear campaign against a miniscule site like silly points before believing in what the nutjob told you?

Leg Break said...

"He is a hate filled person"

Irony overload.

Of course the BBC is bigger than any blog, even Jrod's. But what's your point there?

Leg Break said...

"He is a hate filled person"

Irony overload.

Of course the BBC is bigger than any blog, even Jrod's. But what's your point there?

cricindia said...

"Irony overload."

Like me, if you have to register on chinaman's forum, get promoted to a moderator, then account deleted, then promoted to moderator and then made administrator and then account deleted again from his forum, without doing anything - I bet you will think he is a nutjob and hate filled person. All that happened to me within 15 days and no rhyme or reason chinaman gave me for that. The reason why I stayed with him till all this was done is I sympathized with him when he played the victim card.

"Of course the BBC is bigger than any blog, even Jrod's. But what's your point there?"

I dont know what Jrod website is. My point is why would BBC, CNN, ABC, and media biggies care about tiny websites like sillypoint which hardly have 2 or 3 visitors per day? If someone is alleging that BBC is bullying tiny websites, you have to view those allegations with a truck load of salt.

Cricindia said...

"Being an Indian myself, I can safely say this petty behaviour is an Indian thing"

Wow! chinaman I missed this patriotic comment of yours when I hurried through the comments during the weekend.

If you really stereotype fellow Indians this way, you are a sad individual.

If you don't really think this way but used this comment to score cheap points here, you are much worse in my eyes.

I am glad to be out of your vicious circle. I am of the hope that individuals like you will change and praise India for the good that is.

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