Monday, July 14, 2008

Missing in action

According to my own list of upcoming tours, we're expecting Bangladesh.

Has anyone told Bangladesh?

Are they on their way? Are they already here? Has it already happened?

Mmm. Controversial.


David Barry said...

Cancelled due to the Olympics I think.

That decision wasn't influenced by money considerations in the slightest.

Jrod said...

One dayers are going ahead, but the tests were cancelled due to the Olympics, which were announced 6 years before the test matches were.

Cricket Administracrats for ya.

12th Man said...

Heard the tour was supposed to happen at Darwin!
Has Darwin staged matches before?

Miss Field said...

Yes, indeed, Darwin. Three one dayers at the end of August. I think Darwin has staged matches before... Jrod will know... yoohoo, Jrod...