Saturday, July 26, 2008

A new Ponting

Cricketers have girl babies and the captain of Australia is no exception.

For years I thought he already had a few girls, but when Mrs P announced she had a bun in the oven, at the AB Medal night back in January, it was revealed the child would be their first.

The captain's firstborn is a girl.

Said child popped out this morning, and they have named her Emmy Charlotte. Emmy Ponting. Pretty enough, but wouldn't Emily or Emma have sufficed? Still. Beats Apple.

When Michael Vaughan's wife had their first child, Talullah, the air force did a flyover during a match, as a salute to the captain's firstborn. Pretentious rubbish that I hope we're spared.

Let's also hope they spare her the indignity of a "welcome to the world" magazine photo shoot.

Congrats, Punter.


Oomby Dave said...

Three cheers to our Capt and our First Lady, hip hip!

Leg Break said...

Is naming a child after an award an Australian tradition?

12th Man said...

I first saw your 'tags' section and then read your post. Was wondering what MV was doing alongside the Ponting family and for a moment thought you were to unfold some controversy.
Tame ending.

Jrod said...

Well scheduled.

David Barry said...

Michael Vaughan's wife had their first child, Talullah
Hopefully her middle names weren't "Does The Hula From Hawaii".

Leg Break said...

Hopefully her middle names weren't "Does The Hula From Hawaii".

Lol; Number 16 Bus Shelter is one of the better names I've seen recently.

If the Beckhams can name a child after the place of conception, why can't the less well heeled?

Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me but your blog is very cool. =)
I'm also a fan of cricket, although I don't look like it. Lol.
How long have you had this blog for?

Mouri. =]

Wicket Maiden said...

Talullah's actual middle name is Grace...

Rob said...

I think you are confusing 'fly-by' with 'flying past'. By the same mark, I had a fly-by of a Spitfire yesterday whilst fishing (and it was pretty impressive).

Miriam said...

re Michael Vaughan's baby: is her first rule of thumb that she doesn't say where she's going or where she's coming from?

My current least-favourite celebrity baby name is from Kidman (Sunday Rose) because it sounds like sunday roast.

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