Friday, July 18, 2008

Not quite Billy No-mates

In light of recent declarations of lurve, I had a little search to see if Facebook loves Billeh as much as Suave does.

Billy Bowden Is a God - 269 members - it's pretty up to date, the most recent post was three hours ago. It is quite generic fandom though, they think he's great, they don't worship his ears. Or his arms. Or whatever it was those crazy Ian Bell fangirls (and boys) were worshipping.

There's a group called FREE BILLY BOWDEN - with 64 members, but the members all look like American bogans (or whatever America call their bogans) and the three most recent wall posts are:
"Not Guilty"
"best of luck to you bro, and I hope your out on the streets veryy soon player, take care homie and keep ur head up....."
"Fuck the police!Stop setting honest buisness men up!"

Riiiiiight! So let's just roll on by that one.

The Billy Bowden Appreciation Society - 11 members. As well as the cartoon on the right, there's also a link a certain video, yes you know the one...

Love the commentary.

"He wasn't happy..." I wonder why.

"It probably could have gone for four..." How sensitive of you.

We Hate Billy Bowden - 4 members - So popular, even the admins have left. Actually, looking at it, the remaining members are called Suave, Suave Republique, Republique Suave and Tell Me I'm Fucking Suave Or I'll Fucking Rip Your Throat Out. Hmm. Bit of a giveaway!

Dancing whilst being a cricket umpire is great - 8 members - is An ode to those of who love being a bit silly whilst pretending to be Billy Bowden or Steve Bucknor.

And my favourite - Billy Bowden would be the best wedding guest ever - 13 members.

"A mate of mine is getting married and we want this great man on the top table, to declare the bar and buffet open in his flamboyant and unique fashion."

Definitely something to bear in mind if tying the knot, lovers of cricket.

There's also a link to a video - "New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden almost gave a heart attack to Ponting when he raised his finger actually to scratch his nose."

On a different note, on NZ's trademe (you know it's from NZ if there's a silhouette of a kiwi) site, I remember last year he was part of a charity auction in which bidders were vying for the chance to have ol' Billy mow their lawn.

What would you pay, considering it would go to charity, for this service? No excuses if ya got no garden.


12th Man said...

Hmm, looks like Billy Bowden has more fans than we thought he would. From what i see, the Billy haters are Suave and his alter egos only.

Miss Field said...

Yep, people find his antics endearing. For some reason!

Leg Break said...

He's an annoying new-age Christian show pony.

But name me a better umpire going around at the moment.

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