Thursday, July 10, 2008

A token post

I seem to have missed Australia's tour of the West Indies.

Michael Clarke got an award.

It went well. Five-nil in fact. Sound familiar? But this is only one dayers. Imagine a Test five-nil whitewash. Imagine that. Can you? Go on.

So in the ICC Test rankings, England are only third to India by 1 point.

This worries me. If England are ranked second at the end of the year I will have to humiliate myself in some fashion.

So, I'm going to say something I never dreamt I would... I'm relying on South Africa not to let me down. Go South Africa!

Right now they are playing England.

Unfortunately, England are 0-71. Yuck. And like, wtf South Africa?

Also, David Lloyd has a particularly annoying voice. I wish he would stop talking. But no.

Graeme Smith is still single.


Rob said...

Do you consider your life a success if you have to support South Africa?

They bowled crap, simple as that.

Oomby Dave said...

Maybe Smith is gay...

Suave said...

No slating Bumble our kid, he's a national treasure, funny, knowledgeable and loves a beer and a chat with the fans.

Can you imagine any of the channel 9 team doing that?

Jrod said...

a token comment

she slated bumble, of all commentators, listening to shaun pollock makes me want to kill myself, moments after i have killed him.

Suave said...

You should be very grateful that you didn't have to listen to Bob Fucking Willis.

That's like listening to a droning monotonous jet engine for eight hours.

I've got to go along with Jrod too, Shaun Pollock is so fucking boring, he'd cure the world of insomnia.

Miss Field said...

I'll support South Africa over England, but to be honest I'd rather the aliens took them all away.

Smith maybe gay, but he's still single. No girlfriend OR boyfriend.

Suave... for some reason, I have no doubt he is a national treasure. ;)

Rob said...

National Treasure, more like national figure of fun. To be fair to him he has tried hard to cultivate the 'idiot' look. I think he sees it as his niche -- class clown.

Bob Willis, ouch. Watch him talking on the TV he doesn't know whether to look at the camera or the interviewer, so he moves his head all the time. If you watch carefully you can see the puppet strings moving him.

Wicket Maiden said...

Hey, Miss Field, We LOVE Bumble!! He's the most entertaining commentator on the team!
And for those who are are slating Polly, leave him alone! I love Shaun Pollock!! (no matter if he's boring or not)
I have to agree with the Bob Willis comments though, now HE really could cure the world of insomnia.

Spigot said...

Just realised what *that* look on Bob Willis' face is. It's the face of someone who has paid a 3 figure sum to a lady of at least half his age to put a clean new nappy on him and say he's been a naughty boy.

Miss Field said...

"To be fair to him he has tried hard to cultivate the 'idiot' look. I think he sees it as his niche -- class clown." love it

Wicket Maiden, well, love away, I'm sure he's... charming... but his voice... ugh.

Spigot, four figures at least.

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