Monday, August 11, 2008

Fare thee well

Last week a snap election was called here in WA.

You might be wondering why you care, and you probably don't, but for me in my current job, well, my feet haven't touched the ground since it was announced.

This does have relevance to cricket, because I had to cancel my trip to Darwin to see Australia play Bangladesh. The match was on the same day as the election. Dedicated, am I not?

It also means that posts, if any, will be few and far between.

So, if not before, I will be back after the election night hangover has subsided.

Go Australia! Boo England!


©hinaman said...

who will guard the outfield?
More importantly,
who do we blame for the misfields?

As long as the goodbye is not a permanent one. Hope to see you back miss-fielding again soon.

Oomby Dave said...

Maybe the Full Tosser will weigh in on the topics that matter most... said...

and just when I was arriving too...

Christopher said...

Who will win the election?

Leg Break said...

Does anyone give a toss about a State election?

Not sure anyone outside WA even know it’s on…;

Or are library fines a big issue in WA?

Sort out your priorities MF.

Oomby Dave said...

I'm all for the Aussies digging a hole and pushing the Poms face down in it, followed by filling the hole back up again. Having said that, Miss Field being away is slightly more important. Don't worry she won't forget abot you all ;)

Miss Field said...

Don't worry Chinaman, I'll keep turning up like the bad biscuit that I am (yah yah I know... penny, whatever).

Waitin for it Davo :P

Hello are you single?

Christopher, I am glad you asked. Given that until recently, the Opposition leader was a bra-snapping, chair-sniffing clown of a human, you'd think it will be an easy re-election for the Government. But I think it will either be too close to call, or a Government landslide. If the sitting Government don't win (given the state of the Opposition), they ought to be shot. I suppose that would include me, in a sense.

Shut up Suave - I mean, Leg Break. It matters to me, and it should matter to the other two million people who live here, although sadly, it doesn't. I think our state's economy is bigger than your country's... so there!

Leg Break said...


Even if your state was bigger than my country (although it is not) it is still just a ... state.

A glorified City Council covering the land mass of Western Europe.

Come on; join the rest of Australia.

Miss Field said...

Haha I just checked - our economy is bigger. That's hilarious! I guess sheep and awesome movies don't stack up next to iron ore and LNG. What do you mean by joining the rest of Australia? They are (mostly) all states too.

I think it's you who should be joining us ;)

Leg Break said...

No MF....

You're better off joining up with the Christmas Islands.

And then make yourselves a country.

Otherwise you are the forgotten (overgrown) state.

Miss Field said...

Is there more than one Christmas Island? I learn so much from you.

12th Man said...

Maybe you thought going to Darwin to watch an inconsequential match when you have an all-so-important election to attend makes no real sense. Your dedication is knowing no bounds!

Leg Break said...

If an election can not change foreign policy it's a waste of time.

Is the a West Australian Independence party to vote for?

That would be worthwhile

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Marrara and I'll be eating mangoes in my boardies on the hill. I'll be saving the seeds to throw at Cooley every time I see the minty bastard.

Ever heard of postal votes, Missy?