Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shoosh y'all, Gilly speaks

There was a picture of Gilly in today's West Australian (look, I have to read it for work. I don't enjoy it).

Gilly thinks Twenty20 cricket should be introduced to the Olympics in, er, 2020.

"Cricket was part of the 1900 Olympics, when Great Britain beat France," he said.

Was that the last time Great Britain beat France at anything? Probably because they got to utilise the services of Irish, Scottish, Welsh players.

"I believe the Olympic Games is the vehicle the sport should use to aggressively sell the message of our sport to all 202 competing Olympic nations, so our sport is strong and robust in countries where it is currently played, and exciting and groundbreaking in countries who haven't yet caught the cricket bug."

I'm up for that, I'm sure Warney would still be an option, bring it on! Our lads can add Olympic gold medals to their mantles... they'll just have to nudge a little space between the urn and the world cup, plenty of room.


A P Webster said...

Cricket has featured in the Olympics before, of course...

A P Webster said...

And all the 'French' players were English, actually.

©hinaman said...

And perhaps have ODIs in the year 5050?

James Lackey said...

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