Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's all this philosophy crap...?

Isn't it great when we see KP (or KCrap as I call him) getting his boys geared up for the upcoming Ashes series by saying that Australia is beatable in the form England is in at the moment. 9 months is a long way off fellas, remember it took less than a second for us Aussies to lose the Ashes in 05 when McGrath stepped on a ball conveniently placed there by Bell, he was so small we didn't even see him put it there!

Pietersen obviously full of himself will not hesitate to tell you how he wants to captain this holey ship called England. That's all well and good for the enemy, let them banter about their little strategies to overcome the mammoth run scoring machine called the Australian Batsmen, and the gargantuan wicket taking cyborg called the Australian Bowlers. All of it will come to no avail.

Which leads me to the point i'm laborously trying to get to.
Michael Clarke has come out recently and told us how he wants to captian the Aussie side. Talking abit about being positive blah blah blah. Now being a die hard Aussie fan I can't critisise him all that much but just to say, c'mon Pup, all you need to do is win. We don't care how you do it! Australians hate losing, especially to them unwashable english who suprisingly enough have an abundance of rain.

Anyhow the Full Tosser will be in Darwin for the last game of the series out there and I hope to hear Pup under his breath willing the team to "Win, win,win".

By the Full Tosser


Miss Field said...

If only Michael Clarke would come out, and prove me right.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Just a quick note: we do wash...

Val Blundell said...

I think there must be something wrong with me...I LIKE PUP!
Can't help it..i just do.
I probably like him more than KP..
Tar & Feather..lead me around London on all fours if you must..

Anonymous said...

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©hinaman said...

good to see you back.

I would suggest you to start reading JRods exploits on the field.
Honestly - it will set your mood back into cricket.

Sorry (JRod), I forgot the link.