Sunday, September 7, 2008

Return of the... well, me

I am back.

I have missed writing on here, although in the last couple of weeks I almost forgot about it, but I'm glad that life might now soon get back to normal.

As far as cricket goes, all I know is that Australia beat Bangladesh and Brett Lee has left his wife, and seeing as only one of those things is cricket related I imagine I have a lot to catch up on.

Whose blog should I read to catch up?

There's always CWB, but I'll have to go through about thirty thousand pages to start from where I left off.

Republique Cricket, though there might be more expletives than cricket.

King Cricket, but it's all about County Cricket, not high on my list of priorities... yawn.


It's nice to be back.


Mike said...

Good to see you back, Missy. Your first port of call should be Flintoffs Ashes. None of that dull stuff about county cricket. No. We've got pictures of famous cricketers having a poo. Far more interesting...

Jrod said...

In defence of KC, there really isnt much happening not county related.

T @ The Popping Crease said...

Welcome back! Maybe you can get that link up now? No rush! Thankyou!

PS. I know what you mean about the expletives on certain blogs - drives me mad! Some are just excessive and the talk on cricket is minimal and pretty rubbish.

©hinaman said...

good to see you back.

I would suggest you to start reading JRods exploits on the field.
Honestly - it will set your mood back into cricket.

Sorry (JRod), I forgot the link.

Leg Break said...

Welcome back MF. How were the local village elections? Did you elect a new sheriff?

If I were you, I’d start with King Cricket as it’s less county cricket focussed than some others these days…

The Atheist said...

Good to have you back. You haven't missed much.

Obviously, with the exception of Crickets and Their Poop.

So, I suppose you've missed quite a lot, actually.

©hinaman said...

Hi Miss-Field,

Nightwatchgirl has started a forum The Ashes 2009 on "Silly Points".

The purpose to have non-hostile discussions leading up to the series proper.

I would like to request you to initiate on behalf of the Aussies.

We also invite all English and Australian cricket fans if you wish to participate - to join in.

Anonymous said...

ok i dropped here for first time. Good blog. U mind if i add you up ?

Miss Field said...

Mike! I think this is the first time I've seen you on this page. Yours was the first cricket blog I ever stumbled across, I'm glad you've resurrected it. Huzah!

t, Republique Cricket is neither rubbish, nor minimal on cricket, Suave is the most entertaining and eloquent of swearyfolk... it's just kinda distracting. Actually I think maybe he's drowned in a sea of Belgian chocolate and beer.

LB, you bum, we did not elect a new sheriff, or even the old sheriff, noooo that would have been too easy.

Yo Chinaman, I will swing by and take a look.

Buzzz, please do.

Jrod... you turning English on us?

Thanks, non-believer.

Mike said...

I'm sure I've commented on here before but maybe it's just the Belgian beer I snaffled off Suave...

martyd said...

Welcome back Miss Field. Like the first swallow your arrival heralds a new season - hopefully one of sunshine and cricket in the southernest of hemispheres.

T @ The Popping Crease said...

If you re-read my comment you'll notice i didn't actually say republique cricket was rubbish.

Damith S. said...

Welcome back! How about some SL flav ?

Q said...

Hey! I am back too and I got a lil something for u from the USA.. its a pic that I shall either post or email - reminded me of Miss Field!

Edward Craig said...

Hello Miss F, nice to have you back. It's been raining in the UK. That's all you need to know about the cricket. Other than that, you could always visit, where some of your favourite bloggers regularly write - Jrod, for one.

sahilvaughan said...

Oooh, welcome back. (Like many others, it seems) I can't resist this open invitation for self promotion. So if you want to read a blog which continually refers things to Graeme Hick (which Im sure everyone must) check out ashesinsomniac. Cheerio...

Tarun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tarun said...

Miss Field you blog is amazing.
I tried mailing u, the mail bounced.

Would u like to collaborate with me for blogging cricket post on Australia's tour to India?
I mean write cricket blogs together?

Do visit my blog.

Leg Break said...


I can smell the uranium on your breath.

Leg Break said...

It’s been quite some return really.

Neno Cricket said...

Hi Friends,

At last I have modified the ICC Ratings Gadget as per suggested by some members.

Do install on your blogs from

Ian said...

Hey astrid

I will be keeping my writing fresh on my site throughout Border-Gavaskar series and any fill-ins you need just cruise over to my blog: heres the URl to save you finding it in the links list

Just got a good widget for automatic update rankings of teams in all 3 game formats.

Keep well hope things good.

Sanath said...

Dude please link my blog as I've done regarding yours..thanks a lot..CRICKETAHEAD

The Atheist said...

*politely coughs*

Miss Field said...

Yes yes I'm doing it.

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