Friday, October 24, 2008

Fight the future!

Yes, this is a call to arms as well as the name of the X-Files movie (mmm... David Duchovny).

Cricket Australia, in conjunction with New Zealand and South Africa, are going to hold a Twenty20 championship and invite international players to compete.


This isn't rugby union people. I'm going to go out on a limb and say NO ONE WILL BE INTERESTED IN OUR OFFERING.

Oh but wait. They're going invite players like Sachin Tendulkar to compete.

"Play in Australia? How much? Wa-ha-ha-ha, bother me not, pleb, I am busy rolling around in my swimming pools of cash. Run along!"

They would be better off initiating a second tournament against England, because that's what draws people in, gets bums on seats and ultimately makes the money.

Plus, the English players would be up for it. They'd do anything for a few minutes of sunshine, poor loves.

Why are we all giving in to Twenty20? Doesn't anyone believe in real cricket anymore?

Twenty20 cricket is not the future. We must fight it.


Oomby Dave said...

I can imagine Tendulkar saying that. What about this mad idea. We have T20 specialist players. Those who are the best of the best play test, but those who cannot make the grade play T20. To stop overcommitment players cannot play for both. Would that work? We need the status of Int Test cricket to be elivated. Like it or not T20 is here to stay, but peiople need to see that T20 is for muppets, Test is for Ponting :P

Damith S. said...

Boycott the lot of them.

CL draw is also complete. Everywhere you turn its 2020.

SL not going to Eng.


Aus inviting ppl over.


When are we starting the riots!?

12th Man said...

We shall wait for Cricket South Africa and PCB to come up with their versions of T20 leagues as well.

We can then begin the fight.

12th Man said...

It surprises me when you claim Jeetan Patel! He looked ineffective in a match where Vettori ran through the kittens.

rusty said...

Tendulkar won't come for love nor money after Gilchrist's comments about the podgy prince in his new book, launched today.

India's god not sporting?

... onya, Gilly!

James Lackey said...

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