Monday, October 20, 2008


We're a bit shit aren't we?!

Five for 58, that's a score I even give permission to England to laugh at us for. What's going on? And why were Brett and Ricky arguing? Punter didn't let Binga bowl, and why not? We can't crumble from within too!

This is what happens when the likes of Michael Clarke become a senior player! ARGH! "Men" like him are not to be trusted!

Aside from Princess Pup though, it's time to get tough and cut some of the fat.

Matthew Hayden, time to go.

Ricky Ponting... you're next.

I don't like having to bestow this cruelty upon my boys but we need to think of the bigger picture here.

1. Australia + cricket ≠ losing.
2. The Ashes.

I've always had faith and we've turned some pretty rough situations around before. Obviously that won't be the case here, but there is a lesson to be learnt. Complacency kills. As does alliteration, on occasion. As well as assonance.

I don't mind us losing when we're clearly doing our best. But this... to my eyes we're playing carelessly and I don't like it.

Buck up, lads. You're embarrassing us.

It's five for a hundred-and-something now. Gee. I feel so much better.

Not to add insult to injury or anything (much), but you'll notice I've added Amit Mishra to my list of claimed players.


Kym said...

Alliteration does not kill. That's a myth.

Anonymous said...

i doubt now England would start their Ashes is ours rants in a bit louder tone!!

Rob said...

Any idea why Australia have performed so badly? Clearly their are issues with the non-spinner, but that has no bearing on 58-5. Australia have not competed at all. Tired?

Oomby Dave said...

People we are basing all of this on one test. The Indians have gotten under our skins and it's affecting the one thing we do best, kill a team mentally. They are using that on us. Hayden should go but Ponting should stay as capt, team leader. He is still a brilliant player in the field and with the bat, he still has alot to give to the team and CLarke is not ready as yet. Agreed we are missing Warne and McGrath like the poms are missing sunshine but this is the rebuilding phase. We are not the number one side in the world for nothing and this will show in the coming tests. Our bad luck began on the first day of this test where were not able to make a solid break through to their batting. This resulted in being on the back foot the whole game. Again all this bad publicity is based on one bad performance, I think we should all have a Siddle more faith, with a bit of D Hussey and S Marsh thrown in ;)

Rob said...

Yes, it is only one test and a week ago it was India fighting for a draw.

Missing sunshine? My wife has to hide the revolver... maybe someone should hide Hayden's amphetamine.