Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Screw you, ABC Perth

Over the weekend I was asked to be on a radio show that's broadcast to ABC local radio stations in Darwin and Alice Springs. The programme is called the Hair of the Blog and last week they chatted to an Indian blogger about Harbhajan Singh and racism. You can listen to that here, it's about halfway in. Mr India had some pretty interesting insight on what really happened with Harbhajan Singh last summer...

Anyway, they also quoted a highly articulate passage or two from this humblest of cricket blogs, and had the audacity to label me a 'rabid fan'... and suggest that these pages are littered with profanity. Like, what the fuck?

Stoked to be noticed (I guess they haven't seen Cricket With Balls and well, I wasn't going to say anything, though if you listen there was a little salute to the Caesar Augustus of cricket blogging) I went on the show last weekend, and it was awesome fun, though I didn't get asked for my opinion on racism in cricket, which was kinda disappointing. In case you are wondering what these views might be, take a look here.

BUT, and I am going somewhere here, Michelle, who is the programme's presenter, thinks that cricket is the least sexy of all sports. I know, crazy.

Which made me think, hmmm. How can people not say that in fact cricket is the sexiest of all sports! Those cute cable knit jumpers and the lads who wear them, I could write a book on it!

I would refer Michelle to the following...

Mmm. Very sexy.

While on the other hand these...

...are disgusting!

If you want to hear me on the radio, do so here. At about -50 minutes. Just know this. I don't usually laugh so much.


Miriam said...

Least sexy? WHAT?

I could write a treatise on why cricket is the MOST SEXY.

In fact, I might do that, RIGHT NOW.

Rob said...

I think you came across really well. I am not sure I would sound that coherent :)

Michelle said...

Lovely Miss Field,
Re least sexy: TWO WORDS people, one is SHANE and the other is WARNE.

re rabid: said with love, as you know, I love your blog.

Looking forward to your next guest appearance!

Michelle (Hair of the Blog)

Oomby Dave said...

Well done Miss Field, I liked the plug about your brother wo0t! Plus before you went on the show i should have asked you for Michelle's number, shes hot ;)

Oomby Dave said...

Christ how embarrassing

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Good work Miss Field.

I did a 5 minute call with Grandstand once, they called me in Austria and I was pissed due to the time zone difference (and the beer I guess) to talk about a Backyard Cricket site I put up.

True story.

Rusty said...

some cricketers are sexy - McCullum, Vettori, Mitchell Johnson, Roy, Lasith malinga

(Not sure about Watson)

Many are not - Ponting, Hussey, Bell, Sidebottom, Sharma, Sreesanth

some you don't even want to associate with sex (shudder) -- Harbahajan, Sehwag, Smith, probably Warne.

but there are some lovely, lovely All Blacks!

Your interview was good, though

Leg Break said...


"I was in New Zealand on a family holiday in 2005 and there was nothing to do except watch the Ashes".

Nice to see we civilised you MF.

Well done on that; especially since one of the ABC guys I'm sure is off the Wiggles.

Anyway, listen to Leg Break on on Saturday (every week) at 0914 NZT.

The Atheist said...

That's amazing! Well done!

AAAARGH!!I don't have a computer with sound.

Does anyone have a transcript?

SixSixEight said...

Cable knit jumpers - dream on! Here in Avarice lead Britland we have the technical versions with numbers on the back!
I was handed one recently by a championship winning cricketer, and was seen sporting it by a BBC journo.
Believe me English cricketers are so damn sexy - just by merely associating with their 'knitware' - you too can become an instant groupie! Media types eh?

Too much exposure to Warnie and I can see why Michelle feels cricket lacks a certain hormonal something. I just think she has been looking in the wrong place - possibly at the back of the head of the drunken lout in the seat in front!

McCullum, Vettori,Roy, Sidebottom, Sharma? Rusty you are so wrong!