Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yes I took the bait

I received an email recently from a lady who has the same name as one of my best friends.

I was hugely confused because the email was all about cricket. And this friend don't like cricket (nor does she love it).

Then I realised it was from someone else, a marketing rep, writing to tell me that Cricket NSW have a new website, inauspiciously named Cocky bastards.

Now, this name is all well and good if you're from NSW, but actually some of us aren't. And the fact that the national team is picked from the NSW players on offer (and one Tasmanian captain, how's that for an outlier?)

And WA have 'bred' our fair share of big names, thanks.

But the site is worth a visit because it has the craziest video gimmick on it. By crazy I mean scary. Cricketers with giant plastic heads. Seriously. I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea but they missed the mark a bit because I couldn't work out who was supposed to be who. I don't think Brett Lee is going to be very impressed with his!

I heard the Tasmanians are trialing something similar for their new website, but theirs will have two heads.


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

That is so awesome.

What a great State, what a great Site, what a wonderful world

Damith S. said...

Which part of Aus are you from Miss Field?

Oomby Dave said...

That was so bloody weird, ppl from NSW have big heads hahaha. I can imagine the Warriors version having giant Boxes ;)

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Miss Field is a she-groper, so from Western Australia.

They're not really part of Australia and want to secede. Also their Rugby team had a mythical sponsor who looked great on paper but didn't actually pay the players.

Miss Field said...

She-groper! Hahaha.

He means she-sandgroper.

Yes, I'm from WA. I wouldn't say proudly so, but there are worse states to hail from.

Moses is right though, New Zealand is probably more Australia than WA. Or Papua New Guinea.

Which sponsor was this?

Davo - I like your thinking.

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