Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brad Hodge - self-fulfilling prophecy

I'm not intending to turn this blog into blind fangirl adoration, but it has to be said here at the outset of this post that Brad Hodge is gorgeous.

He is also a dickhead.

"I prove myself so often and tonight I just did it again, DID ANYONE SEE?!?!?!?!"

This behaviour annoys me, and if the young fool stopped and thought about it he might realise that talk like that might impact his selection chances.

Here are some more quotes (real) from this pillock. My favourite bit is in bold.

"I'm not really sure where I stand at the moment but all I can do is the same thing which I've done for a good decade now and that's make runs and continue to do what I do best and help Victoria."

"(But Andrew Symonds) hasn't set the world on fire in the short (time) since he's been playing domestic cricket. I suppose that's the criteria for getting selected to represent your country."

"We've always been in similar situations, myself and Simon (Katich). Opportunities have been scarce and I'm happy for him he's finally got a run at it over a decent period of time, something I've never got an opportunity at I guess."

"Probably time's not on my side but there are other forms of the game which come around and as you can see my skills are still high."

"I don't think you ever really give up the dream or ambition until you get a tap on the shoulder, sometimes the writing is on the wall."

"I don't necessarily see it that way but as long as I'm playing good cricket and continuing to strive hard, you never know."

Bloody Victorians.


jun00ni said...

Dickhead or not. He makes a bit of sense there and shows his frustration towards the selectors. He has had a good run at the domestic level this season, I don't see why he is not in the top 15 for the test series. I think Hodge and Katich are two of the most under rated players. Katich has been lucky to be given a chance, finally!
It is good to see Symonds back in the mix but a bit unfair that Watson has to fight for his position. It seemed a bit too easy for Symonds and reminded me of Shoaib Akhtar's behavior and how easy it is for him to be in and out of the team, whenever he pleases.

rusty said...

If Hodge-Podge can't see by now why he and Katich. are not no. 1 on the Christmas list, he never will. Though I think he's got more claim in the stats than Katich. I dread the thought of the constipated Kat becoming an opening fixture.

YellowMonkey said...

I do think the media have a big impact on the way things work, with the ungainly or boring looking players never getting selected. M Hussey was a bit like that before he got in.

Clarke got in the easy way and won the AB Medal in his first year even though he made a lot less runs than D Martyn (4-5 centuries on the subcontinent?) and only played half of the Tests in the year.

Martyn won the players' votes but Clarke got a lot of media votes.

I guess it helps being charismatic because Martyn likes shunning the media and gave them the finger once.

Same for ME Waugh in 2001 when S Waugh got all the media votes. Especially how ME Waugh had a very testy relationship with Conn, Craddock and Coward - wouldn't talk to them and slates them in his biography

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