Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cricket + Women = :O

Isn't it great to see so many women cricket fans popping up and telling the world of their adoration for the men that play cricket, even the ones that do semi-nude photo calendar shoots. I don't know about you other men but i'm quite happy to see the likes of Ian Bell, Shane Watson or indeed anyone who plays cricket with 2 testicles (and 1 testicle so that KP can be included in this) wearing their full batting armour and showing as little skin as possible. Traditionally cricket has been followed by men, there's no doubting that and I fully support Miss Field and the others getting involved, but what's in it for the men you ask?

Well the Full Tosser answers. Womens Cricket. It's been around for a while, has no coverage what so ever and has some gorgeous women attached to the game. Currently I am peeling my chin off the floor after seeing some of the beauties from around the world play my most beloved game, why haven't I discovered this before? Who cares i've discovered it now! For all ye fellow 2 testicled men out there prepare to be amazed:

Our Aussie Southern Stars recently found out they will get paid to play for their country... about time!

Lauren Ebsary fundraising. Nice in pink eh?

Delissa Kimmince showing us she can fling herself around like our fellas!

English rose Katherine Brunt accepting player of the series.

Charlotte Edwards and Claire Tayor somewhere in England thrying their best to brighten up surroundings, go for it girls:)

Charlotte Edwards and Katherine Brunt about to unleash their fury against the Indians...

Isa Guha appealing... very appealing...

Appealing and a Chem Graduate? mmmmm

Ebony Rainford-Brent just chillin' cos' that's what she likes doin'.

Shashikala Siriwardene about to pounce, allow your imagination to run wild here.

Isa Guha needing no caption.

Lotte Egging from Holland, I have this strange attraction to the dutch and i'm sure you can see why :)

Finally we come to her, Ellyse Perry, 17, RHB, Medium Pacers, wearing a Baggy Green for her country and stunningly beautiful. So beautiful infact she has now inspiried me to take up the Womens Cricket cause, c'mon fellas and ladies, don't just think about the men, let's give cricket a go for both sexes, get out there to your local, state or international game and cheer on these beautiful women. I for one (once I get out of the outback) will be going to ask many womens games as I can over the school holidays, I hope to see you there too.

Full Tosser


V said...

i dream of isa guha!!!!!

V said...

jus read that she is studying am i.....i m in love <3 wiht her now =D

Pay per head software said...

hahaha I love the title of the post, but I am not sure if that face is to mock women who play cricket or it is because women playing cricket are hot!