Monday, November 24, 2008

Matthew Hayden: overstaying his welcome, one run-out at a time

I'm off on holidays for a few weeks tomorrow.

Before I go I just thought I'd share some parting wisdom in the form of... *drum roll*

My Solution to Australian Cricket Failure

1. Dump Shane Watson (been done, and not before time)
2. Dump Matthew Hayden (Ricky Ponting said today that Hayden has a place on the side for as long as he wishes to - bollocks to that I say)
3. Dump Ricky Ponting. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. But it's just not working out anymore. And well, we have bigger fish to fry than New Zealand. And if we lose the Ashes because he's being kind to Matthew Hayden, he will have a power greater than me to answer to.

Finally, seeing as we played in a terribly shitty fashion and still managed to beat the crap out of New Zealand, I recommend that New Zealand dump ALL their players, and pick up Watson, Hayden, Ponting... it would be a start.

For anyone interested in the 3 Mobile 'Men of Cricket' calendar, it's on sale now.

I also got to be on Hair of the Blog in Darwin last weekend, I will post the link up upon my return. I may or may have defined manliness as how good one looks in a cricket uniform.


The Not So Talkative Man said...

Ponting is the worst captain Australia have had in a long long time. He's undone everything that AB, Taylor and Tugga stood for. There's worse in store for Ponting. The problem with him is he won't admit he screwed up big time in Nagpur.

The Not So Talkative Man said...

Disclaimer: I'm an Indian who began following cricket just around the time Tubby took over. I was a huge admirer of the Australian side and their captains - Tubby especially - but Ponting's men just seem to be sore losers and double-speaking hypocrites. I don't know about you guys, but in this part of the world, Ponting and his men have no credibility left. We wish they'd just shut up and start winning, for once. Given the enviable history of the Australian team, you guys deserve a better captain.

Rob said...

> double-speaking hypocrites

That is happening in lots of places... I know what you mean though I detest the lies told by cricketers (or anyone), I think it cheapens them and the game in general.

Who would you make captain MF?

Anonymous said...

Overstaying? he should never have been there, Infact the australians don't deserve a place in world cricket for the arrogance they have. Sport is meant to bind people together and produce role models. Australian Cricket team is a blot on the spirit of sport.

Damith S. said...

Ricky was passed the best cricket team in the world and arguably the greatest team ever assembled. So naturally his captaincy record is good.

But he is no where near being a good captain. He is so far from that line the line is a dot to him.

The problem is that how can you strip him of the captaincy and give it to someone else. Because you have to play him as a batsmen.

In the recent past Aus have never had former captains playing under a new regime.

I cant imagine an Aus team led by Clarke with Ponting still in it. I think this is the first team in Aus history to have internal problems.

Gotta sort this stuff out.

and yea Haydos has to go.

ps- mind changing the blogroll link to

before you make your retreat.

DreamDancer said...

I agree - Ponting was never going to be tested as captain until Warne, McGrath and Gilchrist retired. He appears to have become more cautious, which is understandable but can't admit he's wrong - Nagpur was a massive screw up. Hayden has to go now so they have enough time to get an opener ready before the Ashes.

Wicket Maiden said...

Talking of Hayden and (still) the Men of Cricket Calendar, I saw some preview pix, and he's in it, plus he's fully clothed! So not only is he a waste of space in the Aus Cricket team, but also in the Men of Cricket calendar, this is an outrage!!

Wicket Maiden said...

PS: Pup is also fully clothed (in the 2 pix I saw). I think Aus may need to reconsider their choice for future captain, if he can't take his shirt off for a pic, how on earth will he lead the team??!! I vote Mitchell Johnson!!! Now there's a man who's proved he's capable both with his kit on and off!

vinu said...


Former Australia skipper Steve Waugh on Thursday said captaining the national team is no kid's play and people should stop bashing Ricky Ponting for the
so spare ricky ponting that's my opinion

jackchafer said...

I'm sorry but i just don't think that, you can drop hayden,or ponting, watson well i think he's just rubbish, i wouldn't even want him at Lancashiere CC, Ponting when he's on form is just a sight to see, and so is hayden, you can't drop someone as good as they are just because they have lost a bit of form, what i think is that you Aussies don't understand that. I think you should be worrying about your spinner and wicket keeper to be honest. Should be a good seris in the Ashes, Add me It's Cricket football and Formula 1 but mainly Cricket

YellowMonkey said...

Ponting is a poor captain.

It's not that hard to win in India, it lasted 35-years because they only went there twice in 26 years.

[ESSAY on my BLOG]

Ponting was already on the back foot before he arrived, saying things will be hard, although perhaps to aggrandize his team's performances.

I remember the biggest error he made as captain, and most astoundingly arrogant was as ODI captain in the tri-series in Australia in 2002-03.

Sri Lanka were bowled out for not very much - less than 100 against Aus A.

The next game at the SCG, Ponting wins the toss, and BOWLS!!!!

at the SCG!!!!

Probably thought of having a quick win and going home to rest! SL scored about 360 with Jayasuriya scoring a century, and they won by about 100 runs

Richmond said...

Well you got one wish - Hayden is gone and they didn't even have to expend the effort of dumping him. The energy saved may come in handy in the one-dayers.

YellowMonkey said...

It also means we have to hear over-the-top tributes

Freebies Free Stuff said...

Be careful with comments about over the top tributes!

Or maybe you're safe now that Rudd is PM. John Howard fired off at the Chaser team when they sang about Bradman being a better bloke in our memories than in real life.

Declutter said...

Really not a big fan of Ponting at all. Agree with the not so talkative man - worst captain ever. He has so many issues and he really isnt a leader. Time for new blood.

Auto1 said...

Any comments on Symonds being sent home? Ponting said it was an easy decision.

Public Speaking said...

Pontings team seem like a bunch of sore losers. Symonds sent home for alcohol again and then when they lose they will blame him.

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