Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss Field is A-Ok

Hello everyone from Full Tosser,

Now I know this doesn't have much to do with cricket and is a bit personal but here's just a quick update, with the recent bombings in India and Miss Field having landed there only hours before hand some of you might be worried about her. Fear not as she is safe and sound. She is actually currently in Kolkatta and will depart for Mumbai in a weeks time.

I do hope that all of our fellow Indian Bloggers are safe aswell and let us keep in mind the victims that are being affected by this attack, and secondly let us hope that things become stable enough so that cricket may resume (CA have pulled out of players going over there I believe)

Anyway, to make this at least a bit of a cricket post can I finish by saying that England suck. Our 2 nil defeat over there doesn't seem so bad after seeing the poms get a 5-0 shalacking.


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Glad to hear she's ok.

England are rubbish. Completely and utterly rubbish ;)

I wonder if CA will pull Mike Hussey out of the T20 Champions League.. and the WA and VIC teams as well?

Perhaps we can move the competition to Pakistan for security reasons...

Oomby Dave said...

Ok the latest is Miss Field has heeded the DFAT warnings and is trying to get on a flight outta there asap.

DreamDancer said...

Good to hear she's ok and I hope she can get a flight out of there asap.

Cancelling the Champions League is a big move on the BCCIs part although I think it's more due to the logistics of finding a third ground at such short notice rather than the acutal safety fears.

Jack Chafer said...

Well, we'll see who's rubbish, We'll beat you in the ashes, because remmember, your gonna drop Hayden whos one of your best batters and who you gonna bring in then, then cammoron white could bowl to me and id hit him out if the park, and haddin who's he. Remmeber when it's not going well for you, you cant turn to mcgrath or Warne, Hehe, Glad your Ok!
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YellowMonkey said...

Take care!

Damith S. said...

Good to hear you are ok, hope to see a new post from home safe and sound.

And yes, ENgland are rubbish.

Sanath said...

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