Monday, November 17, 2008

A new blog

My brother, Oomby Dave, who refers to himself as the Full Tosser on this blog, has decided to combine his two main interests and write a blog about them.

Women's cricket.

In his own words "This blog is dedicated to raising awareness of women's cricket around the world."

A truly noble mission.

Visit No Ballz here.


©hinaman said...


Hi, Miss-F,
were not meant to be holidaying in the third world?

Miss Field said...

Yes! Next Tuesday I'm off to Calcutta. Woohoo!!

Can you recommend an airline for domestic flying? Anyone except Indian Airlines...

Leg Break said...

Are you going to India to audition for a part in a movie MF?

Miss Field said...

That's correct. Opposite Brett Lee in a film called Cricket: A Love Story. Aishwarya Rai is busy.

Leg Break said...

Good for you.

Don’t forget to sing.

©hinaman said...

Have a good trip.
I envy you tucking in into all thr yummy food.

1. Jet airways - by far the best.
They also have a low-cost subsidiary - Jetlite.
2. Kingfisher Airlines - I think they now code share with Jet.

Between these you will cover almost all air destinations you may wish to visit.

©hinaman said...

Do not fly Chandrayaan
- they do not do return flights


Leg Break said...

You’ve obviously got too much money MF.

Catch the bloody train.

Reduces your carbon footprint too.

Cricket Fanatic said...

Its gonna be interesting following this new blog. Oh and by the way, have a nice weekend. Enjoy!