Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Att: board of selectors

Tonight there was no breaking news that Matthew Hayden is retiring.

Which means he's leaving it in the hands of others.

Here is a step by step guide to show the selectors how it's done... (it's really not that difficult).Step 1. Apply knife.

Step 2. Press.

Easy, and better for everyone.


12th Man said...

India are hoping that Dravid will strike form one day. Why don't the aussies do the same with Hayden? Dravid is no younger to Hayden!

DreamDancer said...

India are in good enough form to carry Dravid whereas Australia are in a mess.

Having Hayden and Hussey in the team when both are out of form puts far too much pressure on Ponting, Clarke, Katich and whichever allrounder gets drafted into the number 6 spot. Hayden's stupidity in believing he can still get runs is only matched by the Aussie selectors who kept him.

Leela said...

12th, Dravid is a couple years younger than Matt..
Anyway, I don't think age shd be the criteria, performance shd.
I think/hope the NZ tour will be Dravid's last.

On the subject of Hayden.. his biggest strength was his ability to intimidate the opposition bowlers, that strength seems to be gone now.

Yep time to cut the fat.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Love the nail varnish Miss field. Brings out the colour of the fat in the chicken (or is it kangaroo/emu/ostrich/crocodile?)

The Atheist said...

Like the nails.

Do you think they need to know how to boil an egg first?

Miss Field said...

I think it's no good to hope. India like Australia have plenty of other options. If someone's not up to scratch consistenly, they go.

Yeah, Leela, now he's about as scary as Big Bird.

Cheers NWG/Atheist, see post on Roy for accusations of emo. Brilliant! NWG, it's platypus actually! Atheist how will a chick grow into a strappingly edible chicken if it's boiled as an egg?

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