Friday, December 12, 2008

Cricket in sunny Perth

The Warriors wiped their arses with the Proteas yesterday.


South Africa 2/185
Australia 4/215

Adam Voges made 87... fool. Yes I know that's 87 more than what I could make, but to end up with 87 opens an enormous can of cliche that I'm particularly partial to. Yum yum, cliche pie.

And Morne Morkel (hahaha cracker) injured his ankle; tripped over his ego on the run up for his first ball of the match and had to hobble off field. Wish I'd been there just to see that.

Well, they did specifically request the match replicate Test conditions.

I know they played without Smith and Steyn, but nonetheless they should have won. Full kudos to the Warriors. That's my boys.

NB On day one of the second, two-day tour match, South Africa are 8/320. AB, whose full name is not as exciting as you'd think, scored 129.


Still no Graeme.


rusty said...

Graeme is saving himself for the big moment -

whether that is the Test next Wednesday, or "bumping" into Miss Field, I cannot say.

Q said...

185-2 in 50 overs? Were the saffers sure that they were playing an ODI game?

Greg Smith ... said...

huh ? - 'wiped their arses' ? I'm a Protea's fan (because I always pick the best, Ferrari, F22 Raptors, the Proteas) BUT wtf...... WRITE what you like.... but understand it's value is ZERO... like me saying, 'Brad Pitt has sex with Australian wannabe journo !' - it's a fanatasy for your small minded indulgence like 'warriors wiped their arses with the Proteas'........... ha, ha... you Aussies are soooooooooo, soooooooooo GREAT.... tough, smart, SUPERIOR, sexy, stylish... maybe the MASTER RACE ? Mouth Islanders .... gotta love 'em !

Miss Field said...

Isn't Brad Pit a cave in Yorkshire?

missjane said...

You know you live in Perth when...

It's the first day of the first Test of a series and the first 3 sports pages in your local rag are ENTIRELY about AFL... not only that, about an AFL team in MELBOURNE.

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to seeing Ben back on the footy field, but for goodness sake!! Hmm, shall we report on actual sport happening today, or the future career of a drug addict? Bah.

They should at least have had the decency to include some of the better pictures of him, if they were going to take up all that space.

Miss Field said...

Tell me about it missjane, I was disappointed though not surprised.

Don't get me started on that aging drug addict.

The attention he gets on the nightly news bothers me as well, you wouldn't think children are starving in Africa.

Suave said...

See here young lady.

Seems I have lost our little wager.

And to that I say.


Suave said...

You bloody won

Oops, let's try that again.