Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey BlackCaps


New Zealand.

They've got some issues.

Of the 14 Tests they played this year, they won four. Three against Bangladesh.

Top effort, lads!

Actually I feel a bit sorry for Daniel Vettori. He's alright. It's a bit like seeing Andrew Flintoff treading water during the Ashes (except he's not alright). But you can't carry your team around for ever. Nor should you be expected to.

Actually he's said some pretty amusing things lately (Vettori that is. Historians are still trying to deciper Flintoff's post match media conferences of two years ago. The ones he turned up to.).

"The game is called Twenty20, it's not called one1. We don't want to dilute it too much."

"Getting eased away for four can be a little bit of a heartbreaker."

"What's wrong with a tie, I have no issues with it."

"It's just sometimes the ground is not big enough for Chris Gayle."

Just imagine that in a Kiwi accent.

He sounds a bit upset. See in two Twenty20 matches both were ties, which I think is pretty amazing. But to determine a winner this happened -

Trialled for the first time in an international match, the Super Over has each team nominate three batsmen to face an over against one bowler from the opposing side. If two batsmen are dismissed inside the over, the innings is considered complete.


Sounds kinda lame to me. I agree with the Kiwi, what's wrong with a tie? Though I wonder if he'd said it if they hadn't lost the "Super" over. Somehow it was his fault for not getting 26 runs in the "Super" over. That's funny too... New Zealand lost the match after Vettori failed to chase 26 runs in an over. Love it.

To me this sounds like "If a Twenty20 ends in a tie, we play an over of baseball to see who wins."

And that ain't cricket!


12th Man said...

Can somebody tell me why there was a 'Super over' in place of the 'bowl out' thing?

Had there been a bowl out, the kiwis could have won. The west indies are pathetic fielders.

Anonymous said...

What does fielding have to do with a bowl out? Unless you're insinuating the Windies bowlers are chuckers, which they're not.
Why is there a super over... well thats because when a format's highlight is smashing bowlers out of the park, what sense does it make to have a bowl out? T20 isn't about taking wickets. Besides not everybody at the ground can see the bowl out clearly, but everyone can see the sixes. I don't agree with any of this, a tie should remain a tie unless there is a specific need to pick a winner for the next round of competition.

The Old Batsman said...

I thought I would hate it, but Gayle's hitting of Vettori - on demand - was a thing apart. It also had more of the penalty shoot out feel you get in football than the bowl-out had, and the format demands a result, I think.

Plus, I want to see England picking their three batsmen for it. They'll go tactical. They'll tie themselves in knots. They'll overthink it. They won't want to offend anyone. And then Ian Bell will face the first ball.

Rob said...

> Of the 14 Tests they played this year, they won four. Three against Bangladesh.

Sounds a bit like England AND Australia's 2008 record (just replace Bangladesh with NZ)

Miss Field said...

Can't tell you 12th man, but I agree with you achettup, they're ruining our beautiful game. Though yes... kind of fun to watch...

You leave Ian Bell alone OB, he tries his best! hahaha

Rob that comment was un-Australian!

Anonymous said...

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