Monday, December 22, 2008

Inadequate solutions to monumental problems

Australia has never won a three-match series after losing the first match.

This means nothing to me - Australia has enough talented cricketers to win this series. But changes have to be made. The current side is dogged by out of form players who are being carried along by that hope that they will re-live former glory. They won't.

And this 'carrying' policy, new to us, will fail. It may cost us our number one ranking. It may cost us the Ashes.

Yes I'm still reeling.

What I want to know is why...

Why Matthew Hayden is still playing and will be allowed to continue until he's ready to go.

Why, as Moses has pointed out, it has escaped our captain's notice that the 56 runs scored between him, Hussey and Hayden, in the entire match, was unacceptable.

Why Brett Lee would be selected if his personal problems clouded his ability to play to form.

Why blaming the pitch is acceptable.

Why Michael Hussey didn't play better at his home ground.

Why it just looked far too easy for South Africa.

This isn't a difficult problem to solve, but it requires some leadership, and I'm thinking that's our biggest problem at the moment.

So what have the powers that be done to address this worsening crisis (that's right, I called it a worsening crisis)? They've dropped Jason Krezja. And what do you know, replaced him with Nathan Hauritz, who meets the primary selection criteria of being from New South Wales.

So now I'm also wondering why the leadership hasn't been fired for being spineless and out of touch. Someone take a stand!

By the way, good work SA. You outplayed us and deserved the win.

There you go, Ricky. I could say it.


David Barry said...

I don't mind the selection. I understand they want a spinner (well, I don't really fathom it, but whatever), so Hauritz is the obvious choice because he can keep the runs down. Hilfenhaus is in the squad and should replace one of Lee and Siddle, most likely Siddle.

The only question mark in the batting is Hayden. But if the selectors want to persist with him for a bit longer, that's fine by me. There are enough examples in history of great batsmen coming back after they'd been written off as too old to give the selectors some slack there.

Miss Field said...

Hauritz claimed 3 for 72 against South Australia sure... AND 1 for 91. That's not keeping the runs down.

This time last year I totally agreed about Hayden, but I now I think the time's passed.

rusty said...

Drop Hayden, NOW.

Slap Ponting across the face several times to remind him that it's no longer 2006. Talk about the emperor's new clothes!

Sack a few selectors more going for the softest option by dropping Krezja, who obviously has far more mojo than Hauritz.

Slap Ponting once again for being whiny and petulant.

David Barry said...

MF, Hauritz conceded 2.6/over in that game. The 1/91 was from 38 overs.

Miss Field said...

Oh I suppose that's not too bad then. :P

Leg Break said...

Can't be arsed clicking on the link.

But sriously, is Siddle in the squad?

Confirming my view that Merv is seriously thick.

Miss Field said...

Yup. What changes would you make, LB?

Leg Break said...


I'd drop Hayden, obviously, and Sidde obviously.

Seriously, MArtin and Southee are better than Siddle. And they can't make our side.

I'd have kept the Polish Shipyard. Redmond made Hauritz look better than he is.

Perhaps put Lee back to 1st change where he was more successful.

I'd also drop Bingle and Teri Maki; although I'll admit to that being personal rather than logical.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hauritz, or for that sake any other existing spinner could be the answer to Australia's spin bowling woes. But the issue extends far beyond their spin department like you have pointed out. An odd substitution here and there won't do the trick.This team needs a complete overhaul. Katich, clarke, Johnson, Hussey and Haddin alone can be spared.

Leg Break said...


Agree that addin can bat.

But a keeper might be useful too.

He dropped a handy one yesterday.

Suave said...

On current form, you'd have to have Chris Rogers or Michael Klinger opening the batting.

I'd go with Rogers, just because he has a much better strike rate.

Lee out for Dirty Dirk, Hilfenhaus for Siddle, and Hauritz because of his ability to keep it tight.

I'd also drop Hussey, put his brother in, to give him a kick up the arse.

Rob said...

I think its worth remembering that Australia dominated the match until SA's second innings. SA's 414 was exceptional and in 'normal' times Australia would have won by 100 runs or more.

I suppose losing three out of four gives a bit of panic (I don't count the warm up games against NZ).

Rob said...

Haddin is the love child of Channel 9 commentators. Listen to them when they talk about him, its comical.

Haddin takes the ball from Lee.

Commentator: "That is a beautiful piece of wicket-keeping."

Hddin takes a regulation catch

Commentator: "Haddin must be the best in the world now"

Haddin hits the cover off one and looks behind to see the keeper take it:

Commentator: "Haddin was looking around to run byes, there is no way he could have hit it"

Haddin hits a four:

Commentator, sounding like Windsor Davies: "He is a lovely boy."

Listen to them at the MCG, you have to notice.

Miss Field said...

So drop Haddin as keeper? Who'd you replace him with?

I think Shaun Marsh deserves a shot. Thing is, there are many who deserve a shot. There's some great fresh blood out there. And then there's Matt Hayden.

I will play close attention to the commentators during the next match.

Rob said...

I think Haddin has shown his worth with his batting although his keeping is still suspect.

SixSixEight said...

Inadequate solutions? Au contraire: I have been bouncing around all day at the prospect of Hilfenhaus getting to play! [I'm currently living in that dream world where he, Johnson and newly resurgent Lee make it to these Isles as the orgasmic seam attack from heaven. I don't often go that far but it's that time of year and I wont be anywhere near a cricket showing TV for weeks.] But if this trio are fit and on song I will be very pleased indeed. Though I suppose Lee may need some time? If Hilf does turn out to be crap there is plenty of on tap seasonal hardstuff with which to drown my somewhat hysterical anticipation! [So they had better bloody play him]

Oh and that Matty Haydos just has to go!

Could be a very interesting Ashes with all these selectorial problems for both teams.

Rob said...

Incidentally.... anyone know Hayden's 2008 Test average? 34.73. That is LESS than Bell, Collingwood and Cook. Ouch.

Miss Field said...

That's embarrassing.

Yasmeen Kalverts said...

I like what rusty said!! 100%!!

Ponting needs to get his head out of his own bottom and face reality.

Australia should persist with Krezja. I think they've made an error dropping him so quickly, I don't think they've given him enough of a chance.

Hayden needs to go, he has terrible karma following him around anyway. Hayden is dead weight, and ponting's affection for him, seems to me, to be the only reason he's still there.

Ricky Ponting seems to find a lot of reasons from pitches to "third world conditions" (as his buddy hayden once surmised)for their lacklustre performance, he can't realise his own follies. I think Australia needs a new captain.

"Perhaps put Lee back to 1st change where he was more successful" - leg Break

I'd agree with that, but Australia does not currently have the bowlers to allow themselves the luxury of using a bowler like Brett Lee at 1st change.

And Miss Field..I think I'm a fan of your blog. It's really entertaining :)

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