Monday, December 8, 2008

My first match of the season

Tonight I experiened my first indoor cricket game. Which was also my first cricket for the season at all, so there we go.

Stop laughing. I wasn't actually playing, I was observing. I was watching some blokes I went to high school with, who call themselves the Fine Tuners, against a charmingly named opposition called Team Tnuc. Lovely.

I wasn't familiar with the rules of indoor cricket previously, but I was surprised how fast-paced it was.

For anyone who's wondered, it's like a cross between backyard cricket and conventional cricket played in a big shed with a net around the players so the ball doesn't get far.

Tip and run? Yes. If you get out, you lose five runs. If you hit the back net, you get six. If the ball hits the net and then is caught, that's out.

I'm not really sure how the overs worked. I'll figure that out next time.

The oddest thing was that that non-striker's crease is in the middle of the 'pitch'. Which, presumably, is because the net means the ball doesn't get very far. It looked strange.

There was also lots of diving, swearing and sweat. And some dodgy umpiring. So all essential cricket components were present!

The team I went to see lost by six runs (lame!) but I believe at one point they were getting thrashed in a way Daniel Vettori would be proud of, so they came back pretty well.

It almost made me want to pick up a bat.


Graeme Smith update: No sighting yet.


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Inside Cricket is great fun, a good way to keep fit without taking up your whole Saturday.

Do they have a bar there? Maybe you could take Graeme Smith on a date to the indoor cricket...

Oomby Dave said...

You should come see the Wyndham Ferals take on the rest of the Kununurra Indoor Cricket teams :P

Anonymous said...

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