Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Joernaal - day 22

Not going so well today. Must fix this. Can't have that twat Ponting outsmug me. But how much can a captain achieve on his own? Vaughn Van Jaarsveld is coming to replace Ashwell, who is still whining about his thumb. Serves him right for pre-empting me being ruled out. I hear whispers that he will replace me, but we will see about that.

I bought myself an iPod for Christmas. I had it gift-wrapped and put it under the tree when no one was looking. They all asked me who it was from but it was a good exercise in smugness when I said I couldn't be sure which of my admirers sent it. But then someone stole it and uploaded a bunch of Britney Spears songs onto it. Hilarious. Not impressed, especially when Morne grabbed it off me before I realised what had happened. I will cheerfully murder anyone who utters the words 'hit me Graeme one more time' again.

Caught Brett Lee staring at AB today. Can't help but wonder what AB has going for him that I don't.


Damith S. said...

what ipod did you buy?

Miss Field said...

Something very flash called a "First Generation". Found it on ebay. Top of the range you know.

Yasmeen Kalverts said...

brett gave AB a pretty tight, loving hug after the first game, (after he had whacked him about and caused australia the test match)

you shake hands with your oppostion after a well deserved don't generally hug them more than your own teammates.. :S

lucky AB , I wouldn't mind being hugged by either of them, instead they hug each other.Sigh.

Miss Field said...

Is that so, Yasmeen? I didn't see that, I left a few overs before the bitter end... sounds like I'm onto something though! Haha.

Welcome, btw.