Monday, December 29, 2008

My Joernaal - day 24

Diary -

Had an unacceptable dream last night and woke with an image of Makhaya dressed as Santa Claus in my mind. Sick. Have decided that next summer tour there will be no dressing up as Santa Claus. Dreamt he - Santa Claus - was chasing me around the MCG. I was running away, but then I remembered I am Graeme Smith and I fear no man (he probably just wanted an autograph, maybe a photo), so I stopped and turned around, ready to discuss my cover drive. But he began taking all his clothes off. So I kept running. As fast as I could.

Anyway. If there's one thing that's as fantastic as me my batting me, it's being out on field to watch the Australians choke. At last I can use that word again without having to practice looking contemptuous. Smug takes up so much time. Can't wait to see Hayden's replacement crumble under the expectation to win Sydney for them. This series is ours.

Damn. I am so good.


12th Man said...

Makhaya has a weird ritual of running 8 kilometers on the 3rd day of a test match. I'm not sure why that rape convict would dress himself like Santa though!

Anonymous said...

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