Monday, December 22, 2008

My Joernaal - day 17


Damn it feels so good to stick it up these revolting Australians. Arrogant fuckers. Yesterday afternoon was fantastic, watching them fail, over after over. What a bunch of useless animals. And then that shit Ponting had the cheek to blame the pitch. Saw Michael Clarke gazing at AB again. He saw me scowling and winked at me. Yuck. Will have to deal with that. Poor AB. He was man of the match... AB, that is, not that little Australian tosser. Should have been me. Might ring Ponting to see if he wants to have a beer. Need to smirk at him some more. Though that means tolerating the stupid man. Maybe he'll bring his wife. Need to catch her alone over Christmas. There's no chance she'll turn me down again this year.



Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Ricky blamed the bowlers too!

Miss Field said...

Good point. Everyone... bar himself.

I wouldn't have minded quite so much if he'd said something like "Yes there's a lot of work to be done, starting with me" or something.

But no. Obviously England's Ashes 2006 speech writer has been hired by CA. Bad move.

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