Saturday, December 20, 2008

One night, a few glasses of Wolf Blass later...

A person this evening searched "Brad Hodge underrated" and got to my blog.

Yes. This person was from Victoria.

Would anyone like to hazard a guess about this?

Sounds like Brad, 5ft10, Victoria, seeks empathy, any kind, from anywhere.


Jrod said...

Wouldn't surprise me.

Tifosi guy said...

Right Miss Field, pretty sobering eh the last couple of days! Hmm do you actually see a way back for your beloved Aussies with what can be best described as a ' pop gun' attack. Add to it an opener who can't buy a run, a vice captain whose mind is anywhere but on cricket, make that two blokes with the one all rounder wishing he wasn't there. And to top it all Captain Spit- a- thon and Grumpy Part II.

Good luck this Summer!!!

cartier glasses said...

Thanks, Mike!
Your video was fine, I poured honey into my speakers recently, in order to increase their dulcet tones. As a result, I couldn’t hear a word you said.
But I read lips, so my tip: stop putting your hands in front of your face, okay?

How it works said...

This is like the best news for me. Your post made my day :D Thanks guys.