Monday, December 22, 2008

Ponting denounces graciousness

Ricky Ponting:

"This wicket here, it looks like the WACA have got what they wanted with another very flat batting wicket and has lasted and probably played better today than right through the course of the game," he said.

"The WACA's like playing in Adelaide now - it's probably the slowest WACA wicket that I've played on, it hasn't cracked up and it hasn't done anything late in the game.

"We've heard a lot about the pace and the bounce being back at the WACA but every time you rock up for a Test match it doesn't seem to be there.

"I think there's certainly an advantage to batting second on this ground."

Get a fucking grip boy.


David Barry said...

"I think there's certainly an advantage to batting second on this ground."
Win the toss and bowl then.

Miss Field said...

Precisely. And none of this hindsight rubbish, it's unhelpful and negative.

Nice pic.

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

DB beat me to it, but he won the toss and batted then blames the pitch!

How about reading the pitch better or learning from recent history?

How about following the Sheffield Shield? I know Ricky only plays one game every four years but surely one of the 78 Baggy Green support staff have "the Internet" and can "Print" Miss Field's blog, then he'll know lots about Shield cricket at the WACA, and Graeme Smith for that matter!

Tony said...

The ghost of Edgbaston haunts Ponting.

12th Man said...

I happy with these Aussie losses Miss Field. It beings out the 'creativity' in Ponting. If the Perth wicket was flat when they played India earlier this year, what the hell was he doing dancing to Sharma's tune in the middle then? Why he couldn't chase down 412 that day?
Not brave enough to admit that he and his team is playing shit these days.

rusty said...

Congratulations to Graeme Smith for finally getting to stick it up Ponting. He deserves it.