Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Retired crickets: more interesting than the current ones

The News tonight -

Glenn McGrath:

"I still back our boys any day so my prediction is still three-nil."

He's so funny! Except the time before the last time that happened... well, you know. I don't want to talk about it.

And then Justin Langer says he wishes he was playing in this series to exact his vengeance on Ntini.

And then they showed a shot of Michael Clarke inspecting pink stumps.

And then back to Glenn, saying how proud he is that they're renaming Ladies' Day 'Jane McGrath Day', and his surprise that something at the SCG was named after her instead of him.

Obviously no one cares what current players have to say about things. I guess when it's Michael Clarke on offer, that's no surprise.

And then there was Alastair Cook, complete with eyeliner, saying that the England players would be donating half of their match fees to the families of those attacks in Mumbai.

I'm no England fan.

But that's a cool gesture. Respect.

Therefore Cooky, it would seem, though almost as inarticulate as Freddie, has more to say than any of the current Australian players.



12th Man said...

McGrath should have left predicting after his playing days. He doesn't look like he will succeed as a punter, does he? A 3-0 whitewash? What an optimist! Or maybe he thinks the kiwi tour is still on!

Rob said...

Does McGrath do anything other than predict whitewashes?

"What colour should we do the bedroom Glen?"


V said...

i thought stuart clark had taken over this prediction mantle...but i guess they relieved him of his duties...llast year before SL series he predicted a 6-0 "whitwash" for the season.

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

Imagine the Aussie players donating 50% of their match fees to charity, along with the 30% they lose to slow over rates they'll be selling the big issue in their lunch break...

well maybe they'll get by on just their 200k annual retainers and IPL contracts, but it'll be hard

YellowMonkey said...

Well that's McGrath

Luckily for him, the cricket world is hardly as competitive as the Tour de France or world swimming.

He wouldn't make any predictions if he were in those sports

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

you wouldn't have predicted Lance Armstrong to win recent tour de francais, or Michael Phelps to win medals at Beijing? Yeah, not predictable at all.

Damith S. said...

This is one of the many reasons I love Mcgrath. Just gotta love him.