Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grayeme's Joernaal - day 30

This is sereously fucked up.

And I was doing so well today to.

no one has been brave enough to talk too me. at dinner no one said much at all. Jaqeus had to cut my dinner up. but the boys were all very suportive and no-one laughed.

the girl who xrayed my hand looked hot so i gave her my number. but i changed my mind because i realized that her eyes were to close together. wen she calls i will have to let her down.

mitchel Johnston will pay for this with that hot girlfrend of his. and if he's lucky I wont smash his face in. Probably shoudn't, might brake my hand again on his granete face.

I can't even write, so AB is writing for me. he is a legend

at least it makes my elboo feel better.

Im so depressed.

Love from
Grayam Grayme Graeme


Yasmeen Kalverts said... you don't think very much of graeme smith?

..that was bloody hilarious.

The Old Batsman said...

Poor old Graeme. I hear he's going to have his own blood withdrawn and injected into his tendon too. Bet he can hardly wait to get home.

Ben said...

Does this mean there will be no more joernaal while Smith is recovering? Right when he is in his finest hour.

TimTam said...

As an Aussie it's pretty much a given that you hate Graeme but ever since the IPL I've grown fond of him.

Usually a bone cruncher like yesterday would have given me untold joy, strangely I was sad when I saw him trudge off.

Pretty un Austrayan, eh!

Oomby Dave said...

Very UnAustralian, I was at the game laughing at watching him cry hehe
Hope his Joernal continues, maybe he could be watching the rest of the test and ODI and makes his comments here :P

French Sydneysider said...

What about those chants "Smith is a wa*ker" when he was batting???... hmmm what a delight! It stopped very quickly though courtesy of THAT ball..

Maybe Graeme should consider publishing books a la Ponting .. "Captain's Joernaal 2009" could be entertaining.

Miss Field said...

I don't dislike him any more than any other Strayan, but damn he's easy to pick on. And it's so much fun!

I don't think anything could keep him from his Joernaal though. He's pretty dedicated, and as long as AB is around to help...

Old Batsman, it sounds horribly painful.

Very un-Strayan, TimTam!

Frog Sydneysider, they were chanting that to him in Perth when he was fielding on the boundary near me, and he turned around straight away and asked/told the security guard to deal with it.

Yes I think a year's worth of Joernaal posts would make a fine compendium! All ready for Christmas 2009.

Davo - maybe he should blog over by over. Aus vs SA from Smithy's point of view.

Anonymous said...

poor grayam got a boo boo!!!!
how sad is that!!!


Damn! My dream of a whitewash over the arrogant Arse-tralians in their own back yard is fading fast. I'm sure I speak for the rest of the cricket playing nations too.

Oh well, baby steps you know. Fist India winning the series and now SA. Life is still good! SA have won the series. I love saying that so I will repeat it. SA HAVE WON THE SERIES!

All is not lost yet though, SA will go down fighting as always. When the chips are down they show their strength of character.

I'm sure Graeme is disappointed he had to retire injured but has handled it with grace and integrity. He hasn't resorted to bad temper and blaming his fellow team mates when things go wrong (unlike the surly Ponting).

The one player I feel for in the Arse team at the moment is Hayden. He is on the verge of retirement and sure would like to exit with a bit of dignity and support. He's definitely feeling the pressure.

By the way where did they find that bowler Bollinger? Straight out of a Goonies movie. Scary!!!
Although, with his bad temper and foul mouth he fits rght in.

Miss Field said...

Nice to see you again SA Supporter...

was gonna say though, we haven't won as yet.

I don't feel sorry for Hayden. He should have gone a while ago. I think I might have mentioned that somewhere here before actually.

Also, I never knew there was more than one Goonies movie. Which one do you think he is? I reckon Mikey, but then, I love Sean Astin.

Anonymous said...

Curiously Miss field, what do u think of Ponting signalling OUT when Mc Donald caught Kallis even before the umpires were consulted?

Miss Field said...

Didn't see it Anon. If it answers your question though, I wasn't impressed when he did he did it during the India series. I understand it's easy to get carried away but I expect better, as do most Australians.

Anonymous said...

You are in love with Smith!!Admit it he's not ugly, or fat (he just needs to get toned) Maybe you should write him a fan letter.

Miss Field said...

What do you think I should say in my letter? Do you think I should return his diary to him?

Anonymous said...

Youre funny, and weird. Maybe youre slinky malinki (whatever her name is), and this is your revenge. Maybe youre KP!!

Miss Field said...

Slinki Malinki, I love it.

Are you from South Africa, Anon?

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