Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little Golden Book Classic Tale

One hot and sticky Friday afternoon, an avid cricket fan and two of her friends went to the local park to watch her team take on a great challenger.

Australia versus South Africa

South Africa won the toss and batted. Here is Jiminy.
The South Africans made an impressive 288. Jiminy made 60 not out.

They stopped for a while to let some idiots run around on-field. The Australians cheated (yes, they are wearing dresses).

Then it was Australia's turn. Marsh failed. Ponting braved the field, ready to save his team, self, the game.

He stretched.

He swung and missed.

He got out.

And they fell like the ASX200.

So this blogger went home to watch the tennis.


Anonymous said...

There were better things to do today Astrid. Watch Nadal in the semis was one thing.

You can go on Sunday though. I am sure you can expect a favourable result.

Miss Field said...

I'll be there.

Be very embarrassing if we lose that one.

Ceci said...

I was gobsmacked when I realised that the Aus are to play another series within 24 hours ...blimey - not much time for re-grouping! Will they have time to mentally wipe the slate clean - or do you feel you don't need to do that for NZ?

Miss Field said...

They had better be mentally re-grouping, at this point I won't really be surprised if we lose on Sunday.

Rob said...

I don't really understand how Australia could have slumped so much, especially playing SA 2nd XI. Oh hum, NZ should be easy fodder -well provided Australia doesn't rely on bowling that is.

straight point said...


they are playing like that trianglar series...take it as SA got bored and went home... :)

rusty said...

I think I'll change anyway to tennis.

I don't mind losing if we play well, but this is making me cringe. Why do they all have to go through the cricket version of male menopause at the same time?

Cricket Strategist said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH that was hilarious blog. Well done.

Goooo SA!

Anonymous said...

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