Friday, January 2, 2009

Numero uno up for grabs

Australia deserved to lose the second Test, and now the number one spot is there for the taking.

There were lessons from Perth that went unlearned. Even prior to Perth there were unlearned lessons.

Now there are lessons from Melbourne that have been ignored.

I believe in sticking with your team, unequivocally. But there's a difference between giving it your all and not quite making it, and arrogantly sticking with the wrong strategy.

One deserves respect, the other contempt.

On the other hand, South Africa also deserved to win the second Test.

I think Graeme Smith can take a fair portion of credit for the Saffers' success, both as captain and batsman.

And now it seems he might be ruled out because of injury (though I think it's more likely they're just talking it up, Cortisone cures all, as does the thought of beating Australia it would seem).

I thought about this, and came to the conclusion that if he doesn't play, and they still win easily, the outlook for Australia is even crappier than it already seems.

I have also noticed that a lot of South Africans have visited this blog in the last week. Welcome.


Oomby Dave said...

Maybe it would be a good idea to inform people to tune into this blog for a live feed of the second session on the second day...?

Rob said...

What do you think Australia did wrong? I know there are some selectorial issues but there are some things that cannot be changed:

Australia does not have a spinner worth picking

Stuart Clarke -- no 1 bowler is injured.

Anonymous said...

Aussies, if they had one of Warne or Pidge, they would have floored Safs 2 on 2......

sad to see Aussies lose two tests they shud hv won hands up!!

Anonymous said...

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