Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Allan Border Medal 2009

Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting have tied to win the Allan Border Medal.

I can't believe that.

Actually I can.

Australian cricket has made so many poor choices over the last few months that nothing surprises me anymore.

It should have been Mitch. And not just because he looks good in boardies.

Nathan Bracken was the One Day player and Michael Clarke the Test player.

I want to know who Brett Lee turned up with. It was not me.

But Ponting? Ponting? He has lead us to so many critical defeats, he is jumping ship, he isn't accountable, he's not the Punter he used to be, and the clock is definitely ticking for him.

He should not have accepted it. He should have said "no way man, this isn't cool, I don't deserve this, I've played like shit." Don't encourage the man's mediocrity.

Who's living in the past? Oh, we are.

And Rianna Ponting is too, it would seem. She turned up in a toga.

Thanks to Moses for keeping me posted.


Anonymous said...

They've both scored over 1000 runs in the year at an average of around 50, though if I'm not wrong Johnson is among the leading wicket takers for the year. Simply put, if Ponting can cost his country a series and pull the wool over everyone's eyes claiming he was trying to uphold the spirit of cricket and manage to pull off an Allan Border Medal in the process while Johnson has given Australia every chance of trying to win a match and miss out on one, then Australian cricket is in far deeper trouble than anyone could have thought. I guess the only decision that could have been worse would have been to give it to Haddin, something I hadn't completely ruled out as happening...

Muhammad said...

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Anonymous said...

I think that the award should have gone to Mitch. He played so well and so consistently, unlike Ponting.

Katich should have gotten something, too.

The problem is that no one recognises the deserving players, like Mitch or Katich.

However, there is next year.

Anonymous said...

Rianna's dress was gorgeous.
And Rick deserved the award more than anyone BECAUSE of the way he's had to deal with so much this year. He's led the side brilliantly and dealt with many a situation with class. Ponting doesn't get enough credit for the way he captains our country, and let's not forget he was the leading run scorer... you can't argue with stats. He even didn't play a handful of matches with injury and still managed to tie with Pup, beat Hussey and Johnson comfortably so there's no complaint here. Rick you're an absolute legend. :)

12th Man said...

In India, 'rested' is an euphemistic substitution to mean 'being dropped'.

So, do i assume that Australia are thanking Ricky for his 'services' to Australian cricket as a captain and will indirectly be showing him the doors soon?

missjane said...

@12th Man - I wondered that... be interesting to see how Clarkey goes as Cap'n. Could we be returning to seperate Test and ODI Cap'ns?

Also Miss Field you forgot the most important award; Katich won sexiest cricket pinup. Possibly jsut because he's Mr February and in everyone's face right now. Hilfy still gets my vote. :)

And it was interesting that for all the (well deserved) hype about Johnson, his team mates, the umpires, commentators, press and whoever else gets a vote, voted for Ponting, Clarke and a few other people more consistenly than for Johnson. Be interesting to see the vote breakdown by game. (ok, officially a cricket geek.)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah they are shit right now...but who cares...they are our national team and shouldn't we support them in good and bad??

Gawd every team goes thru this..Our 2 captains have dealt with so much crap lately they deserve the medal....

The team have been on top so long..have you forgotten how it feels to loose??Show support for the boys..Like a marriage...thick and think isn't it??

I'm proud they are our team....Even with a few loose threads such as Symonds....Good for you Ricky and Micheal...♥

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