Monday, February 9, 2009

Snippet of gold

You'd all be aware of England's gorgeous 51-run innings in Jamaica over the weekend.

Don't be mean.

They were just doing their bit for comic relief. Lord knows we could all do with it at the moment, whether it's flood, snow or fire. So don't hold it against them.

In fact, I for one am thankful.

Something did grab my attention today though.

The front page of The Australian's sport section. It goes through the details of England's loss in the West Indies, but one paragraph stood out, and made my day.

Strauss took over from South African-born egomaniac Kevin Pietersen, whose three-Test reign ended in forced resignation when he discovered, much to his surprise, that he wasn't the only person in English cricket who mattered.

It wasn't an opinion piece, it wasn't a letter to the editor. It was editorial - sardonic to the brim, and a brilliant summing up of the situation in less than fifty words.


Timmy Trundle said...

Yeah, I can just see the Aussie's trembling in their boots about the summer now!

I think if there was a question about who are in the most shit ahead of the series in the summer, I think we've well and truly answered it.

The humiliation has actually inspired to me to start my own blog -

You're crap, but we're worse

Ben said...

The Australian is Murdoch owned trash, so not surprising their "journalists" write like that.

Leg Break said...

This is priceless.

Australia undergoing its worst ever crisis outside wartime.

Emergency forces across the country (and NZ) being mobilised. PM talking about mass murderers.

And the papers are busy putting the slipper into England.

Rob said...

Why do you think it mentioned KP's South African-ness and not Strauss's?

Overpaid lemons, the lot of 'em. It was good to watch though.

Rax said...

Egomaniac KP! LOL... nicely summed up, me thinks!

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Redboy said...

Thats Gold, Well Said.