Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Joernaal - The Wanderers, day three


Bloody AB. Always upstaging me. If the stupid man hadn't given me out, that would have been me, in my rightful place as century maker. Little shit.

Other than that I'm not too fazed. We will win. I will make a hundred this innings. We will be number one. And when we are I will be the first in line to give Ponting that patronising handshake. Oh yes. And AB will know his place.

I don't need to get revenge on Johnson now either. 96 n.o. is punishment enough for any bowler. It'll never happen again. I laughed for hours.

I got a letter from Minki on Wednesday, a postcard from Norway.

Deer Graem,
I hope your feelng beterr after ur surjerry en I hope u beet those Ossies.
I think of u sumtimes. Alle voorspoed.

Damn I miss her.

I had a ham sandwich for lunch. It was delicious.


12th Man said...

I like this fictional character Minki.

It reminds me of my old girlfriend.

Ben said...

That wor brill

Anonymous said...
shes hot.

Miss Field said...

That website is hilarious!

"The website is a window into my life and I want to invite you to have a peep in as often as you can."

How generous.

I didn't know she's married either... and poor Graeme still carries a torch for her. For shame.

Alex Argead said...

I hope you are going to continue this XD It's fantastic

Wicket Maiden said...

I love reading these diary entries, crack me up every time ;-)

Anonymous said...
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