Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"I love weddings... drinks all 'round!"

Adam Voges is not allowed to get married while being a cricketer.

So he is not going to be a cricketer... for the One Dayers in South Africa, at least.

Apparently he asked if he could fly home to marry his girl, and Cricket Australia said no because it will mean the team will be short a batsman.

Andrew Hilditch said he understands Adam's position but cannot put the team at risk.

(Read: except when Matthew Hayden is involved.)

I hope this doesn't have too great an impact on his future selection chances. He is fab and worthy.

I can understand CA's point of view, though on the surface it does seem a little harsh. Surely he could have planned his wedding better.

BUT weddings have to be planned often a year plus ahead. A friend of mine who tried to place an order for a wedding dress eleven months in advance was told she was an 'emergency bride'. I assume it's a WA thing, but I could be wrong.

And obviously Adam hasn't been keeping up with the Upcoming Tours listed here to notice the terrible timing.

Or maybe, as he is from WA and not NSW, he wasn't expecting to be selected. That said, Marcus North is going to replace him. And that's good.


Leg Break said...

Why can't the bride fly over and they can get married in SA?

You Aussies; always missing the obvious solutions.

Miss Field said...

I thought about this. Maybe they want their families there and can't afford to fly everyone to South Africa... he hasn't been in the national team that long you know.

Ankit Poddar said...

or may be nobody from CA was invited to the wedding! and that is all it was!

Rob said...

When he proposed did he get down on one knee and realise he was about to fall over line, threw the ring up and jumped up to catch it?

Did he not know when the ODIs were?

Rusty said...

What's the matter with the bride? She 's denying his big chance? That's not true love. Even Pups's Bingle hasn't demanded that of him.

Couldn't she just postphone? After all, he's got the rest of his life to get married, and his form is not that great currently. CA are hardly going to call him up again, now they've seen what his priorites are.

Leg Break said...

What a selfish cow. Probably a gold-digger too, although she’s mucked that one up a bit.

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