Sunday, March 8, 2009

I need your help

On a rather less serious note, I have been meaning to ask all of you who live in Australia to acquire a copy of the February edition of the award winning Whingeing Pom magazine. Your local newsagent would have it, and don't worry, it's bi-monthly, so it's still around.

And then check out the 2,000 word story I wrote on page 54. That's right. This may come as a surprise to you, but my name is actually not Miss Field.

So. Whether or not I get another gig with this magazine depends on the reaction to what I wrote. Love it or hate it, I encourage you to write in and tell the team what you think.

If you feel betrayed by any of those 2,000 words, email the editor and tell him. He's a top fella. For a pom.

Thank you.


Rob said...

Bloody Poms, I hat em.

12th Man said...

I thought you are calling the magazine that way. It was only when i Googled for it, i realised that was the name of the magazine.

I noticed that the February edition of the magazine you are mentioning is available for free download in PDF format.

However, it is a 27MB file, and I couldn't quite download it from my workplace.

Rob said...

No, but you could have posted a link for those of us who have just lost their job and have naff all else to do :)

12th Man said...

Here you have it Rob. Enjoy!

Rob said...

Password protected. Arg. Fair enough I suppose.

Yasmeen Kalverts said...

well I want to read it, there's a password requirement; how does one access it then? I'm not exactly in a postion to acquire the magazine itself.

Anonymous said...

password is "rain" until the end of friday this week.

-Tom, Whingeing Pom Magazine