Friday, March 13, 2009

Kiki and Sassy ruin cricket

It has come to my attention through Jrod of The Balls, that Cricket Australia have recently implemented two females to blog on cricket.

I'm insulted.

I'm not claiming to be the only woman to blog about cricket. There are other female cricket bloggers out there. To the best of my knowledge, the only other from Australia is 12 years old. She knows a lot more about it than these two.

In fact, what does make these women qualified to write about cricket? It doesn't say they are former players, and I certainly haven't seen them doing the hard yards around the cricket blogging circles.

No. They are generic bloggers HIRED TO WRITE ABOUT CRICKET.

It would be fairer to have a male cricket blogger PRETEND TO BE A WOMAN writing about cricket. Jrod would give it a damn good go, for one. Plus he'd look fine in that afro wig you get in Cadbury showbags, the one that genetic-woman is wearing.

I may write a lot of fluff. Sure, I have a crush on Graeme Smith. But at least I know what I'm talking about. In fact my friend Kirstie, who has to be dragged head-first to a cricket match, knows more about it than these two clowns.

So I guess Sakky and Kisi, or whatever their names are, are the nieces of James Sutherland or something.

I would very much like to spend more time writing about cricket. I can write nice. I can write stupid. If you've read what I wrote in Whingeing Pom you'll know I can twist the knife in the heart of my own team if I have to. I'll even assume a retarded name. Sassbo.

If you need me to write my own comments too, I'm on it, for shizzle. Sehwag knows I can create better characters than the morons with no interest in cricket whatsoever, who apparently ended up in the Cricket Australia blog page to declare their newfound interest.

This blog is an insult to any woman who likes cricket for more than the "Maddona microphones" and because "what other game gives you an excuse to park yourself on the lounge for five days straight?".

By their own admission they don't know what they're doing.

Please do me a favour and don't visit their stupid blog. Just take my word for it. It sucks. If you feel even a twinge of annoyance, I encourage you to write and tell Cricket Australia so. Here's a link for you.

And while you're online, visit Crikey and support our Jrod.

A jihad on these charlatans. A jihad on Cricket Australia. In the words of Daniel Vettori: Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you all.

Not that Kisi and Sakky have any idea who he is.


Albert Ross said...

There's a nice bit about you at Crikey Sports blog:

Miss Field said...

Indeed, written by Jrod. He is wonderful.

12th Man said...

Miss F, are you really serious with whatever you are saying in this blog?

In that case, I empathise with you.

Rob said...

WHAT? you really like Graeme Smith? I am so confused, no wonder I never got on with girls.

Ben said...

What is required in doing the hard yards around the cricket blogging circles? Thought blogging was a fairly undemanding exercise, unless you want to cover everything right as it happens. Have already visited their site because theyre cute and I like the name Kiki. It doesnt have much cricket on it, but if you like a bit of fluff its not bad. They seem to be getting a lot of celeb invites now.

miriam said...

From the title to the last line, a perfect post, Miss Field.

Ben, you may be one of their friends so I don't want to be too rude, but I like a bit of fluff as much as (ok, loads more than) the next person, and Kiki and Sassy made me want to eat my own colon in frustration.

Bridget said...

Out of curiosity, I actually went to their blog. Yeah, I regreted that.

The first two words already put me off. "Hello kiddies!" It's not like 5-year-old's are going to read this. But if they were actually talking to people my age, uhhh...let's just say I don't appreciate being called a kiddy? Er, I'm sure you adults don't like being called kiddies either?

Anyway, those two don't even look like they've ever played cricket in their entire lives!

They're also very corny.

rhoe said...

Oh my word.. they actually said "I heart cricket". Sad thing(s).
I just scanned the blog, couldn't read most of it. Wow. Epic fail.

Alex Argead said...

I read that as Kaky and Sissy *Snort*

Dave said...

I'd ruin them.


Tifosi guy said...

That CA blog by Kiki and co is so effing Hilarious. Cmon this must be some marketing rouse. There can't be any other explantion!

WTF is ' We heart cricket' ???

MF my sympathies for you!

Ben said...

Miriam, no i dont want to be their friends, Miss Field is a far superior cricket blogger and probably cuter than them. However, they are getting asked by organisations for their contributions so they have had success reaching some sort of audience.

Oomby Dave said...

We should spam their comment bank

Everyone just write:

And submit it, over and over and over again haha

I can also just imagine some marketing dude from CA rocking backwards and forwards mumbling "can't beat that taste" only to shout out GIRLY BLOGS every so often.

Oomby Dave said...

At least miss field is also completely transparent with the coments too!

Kiki said...

Awwwwz weres the luvz miss f.

Miss Field said...

Thanks y'all for your comments...

Ben - you're right, blogging is great fun. By hard yards I mean laying the ground work to be considered for things like this... I would give my left eyebrow to get the opportunity they were given with CA. And I can think of others more worthy still. To know that they, who 'don't really know what they're doing' get such opportunities, on grounds of... I'm not really sure what... to me, that sucks.

Thank you Miriam. Please don't eat your colon.

That's because they haven't played, Bridget... they 'like' cricket because watching it means they get to be sloths for five days. So they don't even go to matches. Liek zomg, huh/?

Rob... that just made my day! I'm glad it wasn't blindingly obvious.

Yasmeen Kalverts said...

Well this is sad. There are only a handful of girls that know enough about cricket to be writing about the game...I'd wager that these two don't quite cut it..I'm pretty sure that you'd be able to outsmart boys at it too :) I'll tell you it's a nice feeling :D

Because I like you so much, I'm not even going to view it!!

DO you have any realisitic idea of who they are??

Kiki said... This is pretty exciting I gotta say...we have really hit the big time, someone is blogging about US. I feel like such a celebrity.

This post made me crack up more than anything. Seriously Miss Field this is some poor form from you... women writing about sport should stick together, not tear each other down.

So in the interest of that, I am going to set you straight.

a) we are not related to anyone at Cricket Australia. Nor do we know anyone there.

b) we are not 'generic bloggers'. We started our own rugby league blog in May last year at -

We are huge footy fans and were sick of the male dominated media, so instead of whinging decided to get our own voices out there.

Don't know if you're a league fan or not, but although we write about it with sense of humour, we know the game inside and out and consequently most of our readers are dedicated league fans not OMG TEENAGERS (and actually people within the NRL players all like it too).

it became quite popular much to our suprise and we have had a few radio gigs are now signed to the Today Network.

c) the success of Errol is why Cricket Australia has hired us. they approached us, not the other way round...just for the record.

we happily admit we aren't cricket experts....and thats exactly why CA brought us on board. they want to make cricket less stuffy and more accessible.

d) I am actually a fan of your blog and have been for awhile, so I find your diatribe against us very dissapointing. There is absolutely no doubt you know your cricket but CA apparently like us and think we are marketable.

e) neither of us are idiots or bimbos (in fact both of us have multiple degrees). all our blogs are written tongue in cheek and are meant to be a bit silly. that is the whole point (which you have clearly missed. perhaps you should go read a bit of Errol and you will understand our tone a bit better.

Kiki said...

by the way, no one has faked those comments (or at least no one we know did it). The Age wrote about us and people found the blog through that.

you have a few valid points, but unfortunately you wrote this before doing any sort of research on who we actually are and where we came from.

by the way, think of yourself as Test Cricket and think of us as 20/20. theres a place for both of us. CA didn't hire us for serious insights into the machinations of the game. they already have people doing that, and much better than we ever could. that isn't our job.

anyway...if you're still pissed off after my explanations then i'll just put it down to sour grapes i guess.

all the best..


Kiki said...

PS...where does it say we don't go to matches?

miriam said...

As a woman who occasionally writes about sport for fun, I don't see why we should stick together simply because we are women, without regard to the quality of the writing. I support and enjoy good cricket writing, whether by men or women, and I certainly won't stand up for Miss Field unless I agree with what she says.

I understand that Kiki and Sassy are going for the unstuffy market (although it is disappointing that Cricket Australia decided to appoint women for when a fluffy, pretend-stupid piece was needed), and a "non-cricket-watcher's comment on cricket" could have been very well-received if written in a funny, clever and knowing way rather than with clumsy references to maddonna headsets. A bit of research on CA's part about the kind of light-hearted cricket writing that goes down well with readers wouldn't have gone amiss. It is also a shame that some of our more critical (but still reasoned and constructive) comments haven't made it through Kiki and Sassy's moderator.

alex said...

Expert knowledge of something isn't a prerequisite to talk about it. If it was, journalism, including blogs (especially blogs), wouldn't exist.

Anton said...

There's a key difference between your blog, and the work of Kiki and Sassy:

No one gives a shit about your blog.

miriam said...

Good one. Whereas Kiki and Sassy have been universally admired and adored.

Eric said...

I universally admire and adore them. Much more than this site anyway

Emily S said...

It's not an accident they're successful. Jealousy doesn't suit you.

miriam said...

Rather than simply condemn or insult a writer or writers wholesale without applying any further analysis or thought, I'm going to go way, way off here, steady on kids, I can tell that this isn't the way you wanted the conversation to go, but:

I just want good writing. I do not care who it is from or where it is placed.

Jessica said...

After one introductory post on CA you feel the need to write this? Without even giving it a chance?

Maybe the reason CA hired them wass because Kiki and Sassy bring with them a cult following they established long ago writing their rugby league blog. People who appreciate and get their writing style (it's not hard to, unless you're fully up yourself.)

Maybe, i dunno, they actually bring a dimension to the sport that actually makes it seem interesting to watch. Less stuffy and serious perhaps?

I'm starting to see that all the people who are blogging their beef with the introductory post have no sense of humour and have done little to any research on who these girls actually are.

There's really nothing wrong about injecting a bit of humour into, god forbid, cricket. And if it brings more fans to the game, people who previously wouldn't have given it a chance, then how is that a bad thing? Really now. Think about it.

Miriam said...

Jessica, the concern of (to name one) The Times newspaper is that the blog may do more to put the target audience off than to attract it.

Elise said...

They are better then you, get over it

Jessica said...

Who gives a crap about what The Times blog has to say or what their concerns are. There are other cricket blogs to read (obviously) if you don't enjoy Kiki and Sassy's style (and it is a very distinct style) then don't read it. It's hardly an affront to cricket.

You don't have to be a stuffy stuffpot to write about cricket or ANYTHING for that matter. There is room for more than one kind of voice. The key to their voice is 'fun'.

Personally i think people just love to bitch because that seems to be what bloggers do. Instead of finding the worth in something they tear it down without thought or remorse. It's a bloodsport. Usually it's because they have nothing interesting themselves to write about.

The thing is, Kiki and Sassy are two very intelligent, educated women. It's insulting to me as a woman that people find them insulting to women. That's entirely bullshit. In fact, i find it disgraceful that people would try to drag them down so soon just because they ARE women and they arent toeing a certain line.

Try reading them again. Their tongues are firmly planted in their cheek. God forbid anyone take a little bit of the piss out of cricket (or rugby league or any other sport of choice) in a lighthearted way.

Kiki said...

well cricketwithballs won't approve my comment for some reason, but since they all obviously read this blog i'm just gonna post it here. it was meant to appear on their first blog about us.

I wasn’t going to respond to this, but I just want to say a few things.

a) you are NOT our target market. you weren’t sposed to like it. the people CA are trying to attract are not trawling existing cricket blogs. i think you have all missed the point completely.

b) this actual post is okay….you don’t like us, that’s fine. but the writing petty, bitter stuff like the cat post isn’t exactly going to endear you to the commercial world. it seems the premise of the backlash against us is that we are unworthy and you guys/Miss Field should have been hired instead.

you are deadset kidding yourselves if you think THIS is the way to go about getting a public profile. i like Miss Fields’ blog, but why would Cricket Australia want to pay her to write for them when she publicly slags off Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke’s spending habits/personal lives?? I mean really.

that’s all. carry on.

(note - Miss Fields... posting things like "It's a fundraiser for Glenn "My heart is broken and I'm grief personified, but did someone say book tour?" McGrath's charity, the McGrath Foundation" reallllllly isn't the way to endear yourself to Cricket Australia.)

David Barry said...

This is wonderful entertainment. Do keep it up, everyone.

And Kiki, if you could write your CA blog in the generally normal and coherent way you write these comments, that'd be great....

Miss Field said...

Blimey. I forgot for a second this was a cricket blog at all.

Let's see. Thank you all for your comments.

Kiki, you may think this is poor form – and I apologise for the personal comments I made about you and your friend. However I agree with Miriam, while it’s great to see female sports bloggers, I cannot condone someone’s writing for no other reason than that. Your style may work for a League audience, but the reason for the uproar is because women who love cricket find the post that you wrote patronising and therefore insulting. The men who know the women who love cricket can see this. It was beyond fluffy and light-hearted. It feels like a piss-take.

It doesn’t say you don’t go to matches, it does say you like cricket to stay on the couch for five days, which implies you don’t go.

Alex, no one here claims to be an expert, but we do know why we are here.

Anton, you really mustn’t flatter me so.

Elise, I would try if I wasn’t so blinded by your appalling grammar.

Jessica, I disagree that blogging is a bloodsport and that we are all out to get each other. This may be the case in League blogging circles; not so with cricket. The reason they are being ‘dragged down’ has nothing to do with either being female or toeing the line. It is about the content of their post.

David is correct, why can’t K&S’s CA blog be written in the coherent tone of Kiki’s comments here?

Finally, Kiki, it’s Miss Field, not Miss Fields. It’s a pun on a cricket term. And you’re right, perhaps if I made more comments sympathetic towards players with sexual assault charges pending, I’d be more commercially viable.

I’m not insisting on having the last word, so please continue to slag me off on my website, by all means, but I really don’t have much more to say about this.

laura said...

You know what's actually more offensive than any perceived 'insult to women' through Kiki and Sassy's blogging? You, Miss Fields, thinking you have the right to burn these women at the stake for not adopting a persona YOU would prefer. And expressing it not only by attacking their writing style (which is what CA was obviously attracted to in the first place) but their intelligence and appearance too. How good life must be for you, having such a massive sense of superiority and entitlement. What's it like up there??

Congrats on the extra hits your site must have pulled today, by the way. Maybe you should try to put silly women in their places more often.

Kiki said...

I am not slagging you off. I never have. In fact I sent you two fairly nice emails, one even offering you advice on how you could promote your writing.

fact is, you can't have it both ways. you can't write bitchy things about cricket players and their wives (their DEAD wives for that matter) and then expect the very organisation they play for to want to hire you. that's reality.

as for the league thing...

I'm fairly sure our legal system is based on the premise that a person is innocent before proven guilty in court. if pointing that out makes me 'sympathetic' then that's fine with me.

and on that note, I'm done with this. nothing more to say.

good luck with your writing. you have the talent and the passion and if you really want to make it you will. keep at it and it will happen for you.

Jessica said...

Sorry, but i've never witnessed anything as bitchy as this in "league circles" where women actually support one another through a shared interest.

The content of their post? That's right, ONE post. One post that was an introductory post.

You may think you're being subtle and "fair" with your criticism, but anyone with half a brain can see why you have such a beef with the girls and their "content."

I was all set to take an interest in cricket but sadly, people like you have made it all seem pretty offputting and have put a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully the positivity and liveliness of their next post can erase such a thing.

Elise said...

So I see you love critising everyones writing and not just kinkys and sassys? What a great person you are.

So what if I don't have good grammar? I'm not here to do anything other then defend them.

What I think is that you are so blinded by your jealousy towards them getting your dream job that you just want to make their lives miserable.

lara said...

Jealousy is a bitch.
Ugliness a curse.
Poor Miss Fields seems to be a very cursed bitch indeed..

New Zealand said...

HAHA you league fans are so poetic.

hazy said...

Miss Field you can't write for crap and furthermore no one could care less what you think. Jealously really is a curse.

Some of the people who commented were obviously fans of the girls other work who went to see what else they've been writing, but i'm guessing you're that dumb that you didn't even think about that.

Every word you write is full of snobbery and contempt. You really must be a lovely human being to be around.

Say what you like about RL and the girls but the truth is, you're still on your little blog that no one cares about and the girls have your dream job + lots more...

sucks to be you!

Marlo said...

Miss Fields, judging by all your posts you have a massive issue with others becoming successful while you toil away in your mundane, bland world.

Writing derogatory comments about not only Kiki and Sassy, but others such as Lara Bingle/Michael Clarke and Glenn McGrath, will not only increase your UNpopularity; but will also ensure you NEVER land a gig like the girls have at CA.

There is a reason that the girls are receiving so much exposure; it's because they are interesting and have something others don't have.

Whether or not you like it, they have broken the mould and are quite frankly just not boring LIKE YOU.

Suck it up and start supporting your fellow writers. If you're lucky enough, they might let you be their coffee bitch one day. Unlikely though. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Miss Field, this is really unexpected. I've never seen this side of you before. You're coming across as very bitter and jealous. After initially reading your post I decided not to read the Kiki and Sassy blog, but after reading the comments left by Kiki, I've changed my mind. This attitude really doesn't suit you.

Fist said...

I'm so incensed by this blog. You are entitled to differing views on Kiki and Sassy but your closing comments lack any sound judgement and are just plain distasteful. For someone you professes to be devoted to the Australian cricket team to even use the term Jihad in connection with cricket in light of Mumbai and recently Pakistan is just downright ignorant, insensitive and not Australian.

Oomby Dave said...

Fuck you Anton, dipshit. Go back to picking your navel you League loving arsehole. I can see by the comments on your blog that your insanely popular.

Eric stop being a troll.

Emily S jealousy needs Miss Field to be jealous of Koko and Stinky's situation, of which she isn't. I can inform you that she has better things to do than be a League groupie...

Jessica, the cult following you refered to is a cult dedicated to Rugby i assume, why the fuck would they be interested in Cricket? And do you really think Naboo and Bolo are that popular that they can bring in such a huge market into the pristine world of cricket? I for one don't want to discuss the various ways a bastmen can get out with some drunken yobbo who thinks Stuart did the right thing.

Elise your beginning to sprout poo. One little post on here that disagrees with the decision by CA and is critical of their post and all their whingey whiney small minded fans come on here and spread their diseases. I for one don't want the pox, fuck off Elise.

Jessica, again your back and make mention that Charlie and Candy Mountain are women (:O) and that is somehow why were dont like them. Not the case, read the opening post again. THey ruined cricket. Just like Flintoff ruined the Aussie ashes hopes a few years back (you wouldnt have known that put that in your little book of rememberances).

Kiki up your arse with a Jrod, Miss Field created her blog out of a passion for the game, where anything could and would be questioned and analysed. I know for a fact she doesn't need or want to have her blog being churned out of the anal end of CA to grasp at an audience that really doesn't exist-> people who dont like cricket, are within your demographic and with your IQ and those who are easily influenced. She also wants to have freedom of speech. I wonder if you came out and critisised one of CA's decisions weahter you'd get air time? doubt it.

Laura, if Miss FIELD (no 's' in there you bint) burnt Kiera and Orlando at the Stake then that would be something to behold. Piss off.

Jessica, again, what did I say about opening your mouth. Get the verbal diarrhoea fixed. It must be so pleasing to get onto their blog only to find that they are blogging about cricket and to THEN suddenly take an interest in the game. Wow you'd be well placed in New Zealand.

Elise, you wanna defend something, go and join the fucking army dickhead.

Lara dont call Miss Field a bitch and hide behind an anon name, you low piece of scum. You got something to say come out and say it and tell us who you are. People like you make me sick, I hope your struck down with a bad case of crabs.

Hazy it would appear to me that you are also hiding your true identity. Cocksucker. THe fact of the matter is is that no matter what Miss Field says or doesn't say on the blog she leads an extraordinary life, the likes of which you probably wouldn't understand, being hazy and all. She is a lovely human being to be around for your information. So get your finger out of your arse (probably picked up by a habit from a rugby player) and create feedback which is useful you cunt.

MArlo it's you again, welcome back. It would appear you have decided to comment on Miss Field's personal life, like all other zombie motherfucker followers that Kimbo and Barbie have. Did Miss Field want a gig at CA? Hell NO! Why not? Because she is interested in the freedom of press. And she has better things to do no doubt. So in light of your personal attack here is one for you. Your also a cunt :)

Well at least Anon has the right idea of bein called that and being anon haha. Still a douche.

Fist your your backside mate, if your so politically correct go join some cult. Oh wait thats right your part of the Sewage and Waste cult, my bad.

Fuck me i'd prefer the Indians being onhere and having a go, at least they could construct decent arguements.

Im sure Warren and Truss are lovely ladies, but please, get a better fan base. If you're educated women then go forth and get educated fans :)

Kiki said...

"I would give my left eyebrow to get the opportunity they were given with CA." - Miss Field


Jessi MCDIVITT said...

"It’s Miss Field, not Miss Fields. It’s a pun on a cricket term."

Does anyone else find it funny that the term Miss Field bases her name on, Mis-Field, refers to "a fielder failing to collect the ball cleanly, often fumbling the ball or dropping a catch"... so in other words your name is, to put it bluntly, an error.

You've really lived up to it with this blog- dropping the proverbial ball big time.

Irony? Anyone?

Marlo said...

Hello Miss Fields brother! Thanks for the kind welcome.

Im not 100% sure who Kimbo is, I wasnt given cheap quality toys as a child, but BARBIE?! I thought we were meant to be insulting each other here, you just gave the girls such a stellar compliment! They ARE like Barbie, you are right. Versatile, universally popular AND great tits, to boot!
I only wish I could muster up a compliment for you too.

Miss F DID want a gig at CA. In fact she offered up what Im assuming is an unmanicured, left eyebrow. No wonder CA didnt want her! They are looking for TALENT, not unwanted body parts.

And as for my personal attack, I was looking for one in that last phrase, but all I saw was bad grammar???

Mena said...

As someone who comes from a famous cricketing family and grew up playing and watching cricket my entire life I think it is vital that the sport finds new fans and new blood.
From what I can tell that's what the new CA blog is for, to explain the sport to a new legion of fans who never watched it before because they didn't understand it. I don't believe it is intended for fans who know the sport inside and out hence the tongue and cheek writing style.
If you are going to judge it I think you should maybe at least wait until they actually write a blog about cricket and not just an Introduction.
I myself look forward to reading it and seeing it bring new fans to the sport.

Ben said...

She didnt say she would give her left nut, just an eyebrow. Whereas K&S sound like they have sold out to CA, 3 Mobile and KFC(Tower Burger is back!)

Anonymous said...

left eyebrow... not a big deal! probably on par with giving the toenail clippings from the little toe on one's left foot! speaking of... am sure i've come across a few of those in my kfc!

p.s. i heart you miss field... nothing sexier than a cursed and jealous bitch!! mwah

Oomby Dave said...

Kiki it sounds to me that the left eyebrow thing is a light hearted comment, just like your intro post.

You don't find us cricket bloggers and commentators shitting all over the Starsky and Hutch blog, so why fling your poo here. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Leave Miss Field alone. It's amazing the amount of hatred coming from their legions of fans. If you don't like what is being written then just don't look at the blog. I say again, Miss Field was having a go at the quality of CRICKET blogging CA thinks is appropriate, and the fact they have employed people who know nothing about the game. She was not having a go at Jarjar and Binks and their blog.

I'm proud of my sister and what she has achieved with this blog and with her life.

I guess what i'm trying to say is, fuck off and die :)

Eric said...

Oh Hai Oomby Dave. Maybe this hello will cheer you up and you can stop being a sook.

Miss Field said...

He isn't a sook.

Nice photo, though they need Baggy Greens.

Oomby Dave said...

Be more appropriate if they had the three lions on their chest. Haha lets combine forces and take down the poms. wheeeeeee

Miss Field said...

Yes, with hair like that and three lions, they could ALL be KP.

Ben said...

We heart Miss Field. Big time.
Kissy + Sucky + Cricket Australia = pisstake.

Hazy said...

Wow, I wish I could get my brother to fight my battles for me. Real Tough plus it doesn't make her look like any more of a loser at all.

Your cookie loving sister clearly stated that she wanted to work for CA, so say all you want but you should probabaly read your little sisters blog first before commenting or are you like everyone else and find it hard to read though its pure shitness?

I don't know who you think i'm pretending to be, maybe it makes you feel better to think people care enough to put in the effort to make up names etc. I can assure you that is my name and i am not whoever you think I am.

Name calling never got anyone anywhere plus you really never know who is reading your little sisters fleeting blog.

It's good to have freedom when only your family reads your work. ah sweet sweet freedom is awesome when NO ONE READS OR CARES ABOUT MRS FIELDS OR THE TRIPE SHE "WRITES".

Catch you guys on the girls blog, cause you know we know that you can't stay away- looking at something both of you'll never be -hot, successful, talented and loved.

P.S. Your love of your sister is bordering on inappropriate. by any chance is your dad joseph fritzl?

Oomby Dave said...

Hazy that was really meant to insult me to the core. Good try. You can insult me till the cows come home at the end of the day I really don't care.

My question to you is, why are all of you fans of Kiki and Sassy still on here? Honestly and truly why?

Bridget said...

FAAARROUTT. You people need to calm down.

Stop cyber-bullying each other.

Yes, people believe in different things and have different opinions but you don't have to start a war about it. That definitely doesn't help!

I just read 59(!!!) comments from start to finish. There's a lot of foul mouths out there.

May I stress, CALM DOWN. Lol.

Guys, just remember, all of you have at least one thing in common: You all love cricket.

Anonymous said...

Hazy seems to care about Miss Field's work rather a lot. Otherwise, why so much hate?

MF, your blog has achieved a great deal by provoking such a reaction from Kiki and Sassy's fans. Well done.

Rahul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rahul said...

wow... 61 comments...

Feels good when cricket fans have something else to discuss other than terrorists and weather.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Who'd have thought that cricket and those that blog could cause such a fuss? It's a good thing that everyone feels passionate about what they write, but the point is we shouldn't be picking on each other like a school playground. Miss Field is clearly an excellent cricket blog, she loves cricket; feels strongly about the Australian cricket team and there is nothing wrong about that.

Let there be peace on the cricket blogging earth.

Bec. said...

Miss Field may love cricket and know her stuff, but she has done nothing but a disservice to herself. I'm the kind of all round sports loving gal that would happily read her blog - and yet, the first and only time i've heard of her is now. The first and only time i've heard of her is when she is personally and horribly insulting other women who are trying to crack a very difficult market.

You would think that Miss Field would want other women to blaze a trail and make it easier for her and the 12 year old girl who know so much.

Just because you weren't the first doesn't mean you should be the first in line to hate on other womens success. It's really awful of you, and quite sad.

Anonymous said...

Bec - get off your high horse! I am a woman and consider myself a feminist but am fed up with all this sickeningly sweet 'sisterhood' crap!! I'm all for trail blazing... but I'd like a decent trail blazed thanks very much... and in this case, this is obviously not the trail Miss Field would like being blazed.

Keep up the good work Miss Field - I am loving it!!

Bec. said...

I love it. Basically what i just got from you was: "i'm a feminist, but i'm sick of the idea of women supporting each other!" Give me a break.

It isn't 'sisterhood crap' - it's acknowledging that all of these women (including Miss Fields) are working in a notoriously male dominated industry, a notoriously near IMPOSSIBLE industry to break into for women. And it is hard enough for that to happen without them turning on each other in such a bitter and vindictive manner the instant one set of them gains success.

I wasn't the one who focused the first three paragraphs of my blog specifically directing attacks regarding GENDER. Miss Fields did. She turned it into an issue, so i responded.

The gist of my response wasn't that Miss Fields should come out and say she loves the blog and the writing just because they are all women.

But it was unhelpful to all women trying to do something in this industry to come out with all-guns blazing, ignorant, hyper-critical and worst of all, PERSONAL attacks seemingly based on jealousy and bitterness. Nothing else explains the level of vitriol.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kiki! I think it is a case of sour grapes. Miss Field is not the only female cricket supporter or blogger out there. Me thinks you are stealing her thunder. Boo-hoo

Oomby Dave said...

Isn't it amazing how Kiki and Sassy and their 'legions' of fans can't take criticism. I believe criticism is a part of life. The better we all deal with it the better we are as people. Kiki Sassy, Marlo Perry, Hazel Barr and the other people that are in this clicky group cannot take criticism. That is why we see them on here ranting and raving. What ever happened to the wise words of the Beatles, Let It Be... No not quite. I must admit I have dished out my fair share of colourful language, of which I rarely speak of out aloud.

I don't believe myself to be an offensive person, but I will stand up for my sister no matter what, I care not for comments directed my way about it. I believe the post by Miss Field is not a personal attack, it's an attack on CA and how they have hired K&S. Cricket is the best game in the world, and the more that follow it the better for everyone. It is a gentlemans sport, until Ashes time (for Kiki and Sassy fans thats when Australia take on England, usually every 18 mths for an urn of Ashes symbolising the first time Australia beat England back in the day)
What saddens me is terrorist attacks aimed directly at cricket, bad weather stopping play and people not being able to take stuff on the chin. So let's all take a leaf out of Ghandi's book and chill out.

Personal attacks are not cool, really not cool. An example of a personal attack is this by Hazel Barr:

"P.S. Your love of your sister is bordering on inappropriate. by any chance is your dad joseph fritzl?"

Granted i'm sure somewhere deep in the 70 comments of this post I have offended someone and if that is the case then I apologise, truly and whole heartedly.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that I think it would be a good idea for Kiki and Sassy fans/followers to have their side of the field. That's right i'm talking to you, off you go into that corner. And Miss Field's fans/followers to go to the other side. This way both can do what they do best, in Miss Field's case give expert commentary from a womans perspective on the cricket games, not only by Australia but also by NZ SA etc. And for Kiki and Sassy to learn about the game and tell people about it.

I think it's called being mutually exclusive :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Field,

I'm a huge fan of our work and think you are a very talented and inspiring writer. I used to freqent this blog on a daily basis , usually whilst enjoying a meal.

Over the last 6 months..and please dont take this the wrong way..ive started reading the work of Kiki and Sassy and I am enjoying it immensely.

Perhaps if you havent already you could email Cricket Australia and ask them for a job? I know you may look a bit desperate doing that and come off as a bit of a twat, but if it's your dream then why not?

Take care and continue your good work.

ps I love you

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Sreedev said...

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Lovebaggygreen said...

Miss Field did u see that they have been re signed to write about The Ashes??? Guess people must be reading their stuff after all.

How come u barely blog any more? What happened?

Miss Field said...

I didn't know that. Good for them.

I haven't had much time over the last few months, my job has kept my on my toes. Hopefully pick it up again soon. Well, I hope so. You may not :)

Anonymous said...

kiki and sassy: 2
mis-field: 0

Miss Field said...

Gee that's a cool site.

I never knew you could get sin binned in AFL.

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