Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New blog

I just noticed a new blog being written from Sydney by Amy S.

She's a bit on the treacherous side - Australian, with a thing for South Africans. Imagine that!? AND she claimed Albie Morkel off me. Just like that. The cheek!

She ranks the top cricket nations and why she likes or loathes them. My favourite -

8. New Zealand should float by on the back of Dan Vettori's success. Only, Jesse Ryder would need a flotation device. I'm not sure Dan would do.

She also got this comment that she proudly displays at the top of the page "why dont u piss off Amy S!!!!!! u dont know about australia!!!! go back to your sh1thole!!!". I love people.

Amy S Talks Cricket here.


miriam said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm loving Amy's blog, and want her to be my friend. As I've said over there, I'm relieved to see that it is new and that I haven't been missing out on it for long.

Amy said...

haha, thanks for the plug. Treacherous, you say? I never! And it wasn't me who took Albie away from you, I'm afraid it was Albie himself who ran away. I did help him get into the test side, you know.

backin15 said...

Yeah, Rider's a big lad... he's in the mould of Taylor and Boonie... still, the bloke can bat (when he's not been benched for being pissed).

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issere said...

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