Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ponting's wicket

Michael Hussey really needs to find some form.

In the next two minutes.


Amy said...

In something unrelated to the woes of Australia, I notice you have claimed Albie Morkel as your own, and without a post or reason stating the reasons for this. I urge you to do so, because until then, I'm afraid Albie remains solely mine. With good reason, however, I'm willing to share.


Bridget said...

Hi Miss Field. Sorry to bother you but can you please update my blog on your blogroll?

It is now

Apparently, there are other blogs out there called Cricket Etc so I decided to change it.

Thanks. :)

Miss Field said...

Hi Amy! Only because he's Morne's brother. Am happy to let you keep him, I'll hang on to the younger one :)

No worries Bridget, good name.

Amy said...

Oh goodness, I think I just laughed my spleen away. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

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