Monday, April 13, 2009

Live blog wheeeeeeeee!!!

Fuck this, I'm going to watch the game and drink Baileys. Bye!!!

These posts are getting shorter....

32.2. High.... gone for six. This is depressing.

32.1 Straight to keeper, mistimed, was expect it to spin but it didn't.

Bowling change. Hauritz in. Carn Nate.

31.6 AB dances like a girl to get a 4.

31.5 Gibbs paddles it around his body for a single.

31.4 Gibbs gets a full toss and thats six. :( is the only face I got on at the moment ...

31.3 Gibbs pushes down to the mid off boundary for 2.

31.2 Clarke to AB as he defends as it hits him on the pads, Haddin fields and goes for the stumps as he misses. No chance in the end.

31.1 Can they kill the band this is Hobo hearing their tromboning...

Clarke still in as the run rate is still a bit too high as wthe SA run total gets into the Warne IQ as AB digs it for a few.

30.6 Sexy to sexy, one run. Shut up, band. 151-2.

Punter is smiling. Why is this?

30.5 Yorker to AB on off stump, digs it out and back to Mitch. No run.

30.4 Gibbs on the front foot but it goes to mid on. The overs are flying by. Or are they?

30.3 To Gibbs, cut back to the bowleer. South Africa make 150.

30.2 Sexy Mitch to slightly less sexy AB, Mitch chases and fields it.

SA on track for 300.

30.1 AB to mid off. Fielded well. Only one run. One run too many!

Gibbs and AB STILL in. Ugh.

29.6 AB pulls it and takes a single to retain the strike.

29.5 Down to Nathan Bracken down to point one run.

29.4 Defended from Gibbs and is looking good here...

29.3 Back to the bowler no run.

29.2 Gibbs plonks it up trying to sweep. noob.

29.1 Mitch is looking better here as Clarke continues.

Clarke to Gibbs as he plonks it up.

28.6 carn mitchymoo..... swing and a miss. short ball from mitch.

28.5 another bottom edge to johnson. nearly takes the stumps off. almost 142kmh. no run.

28.4 to point. no run.

28.3 hit the bottom of the bat straight to johnson, would have gone for four if hit better.

28.2 Straight through to the keeper.

28.1 Mitch back in the attack. not the best eonomy. 4 overs for 21 runs. to AB, bouncing just above off stump. defended and no run.

Not sure about Clarke being protological son... more like closet case with expensive handbag.

27.6 Clarke finishes on a DOTT ball:)

27.5 AB leaves it to play late as he watchies the spin for a sinngle.

27.4 as Gibbs comes across the line for a single. Its chugging along toooooo much.

27.3 Clarke to AB now as he defend for a single. Paying him some R_E_S_P_E_C_T.

27.2 Gibbs paddles down leg for a single.

27.1 This is running away from Australia like Usain Bolt on a good day here... Clarke the Prodological son comes in to bowl.

Clarke to Gibbs as he defends back to the bowler.

26.6 Defended down leg side for a single, just past the umpire. Good over. It must be said, Hauritz bowls a bit girly.

26.5 AB to deep square leg, again no run.

26.4 AB down leg side. No run.

AB 27 from 24 balls. Ugh.

26.3 AB spanks Hauritz for 6. Feck and boohoo.

26.2 Gibbs paddles down leg side for 1.........runs are drying up

26.1 Hauitz to Gibn leg side - no run

25.6 Hopes in for his last ball as its pushed through to point and no run taken.

25.5 Gibbs to Midd off and takes a single, what are they singing in the crowds. Boo to them.

25.4 as AB straigh drive into the air and no catch. Im sensing a wicket here!

25.3 Hopes onto leg side as AB takes a single 129 for 2 and were about half way through the innings.

25.2 Hopes in now as AB hits it back to him, Hopes stops, drops and rolls what was he doing...?

25.1 AB doing not very much. This is looking to be SA game, fark!

25.6 Nope. Same again. For a single. Over.

25.5 Again....

24.4 And again....

24.3 Again. Hit it somewhere else!

24.2 Again, no run, nothing much. Yawny. Front foot, down square leg.

24.1 Hauritz bowls to AB who cuts it down to cover

23.6 Gibbs on strike as he does a french cut near his stumps, 2 runs taken, cheeky bastards.

24.5 120-2 as Gibbs mistimes it as it goes down leg to Haddin.

23.4 Pulled for another few comeon Hopes!

23.3 Pulled along the ground down his body for a few

23.2 And anohter single from Gibbs

23.1 Close to you......

Hopes gets tonked for a few.

22.6 Played across the line to take it from off to on. Single. Overrrrrrrr.

22.5 Tried to paddle, keeper and bowler go for LBW, not given, is it 4, is it leg byes, huh? Huh? Gone to mic... may go to referral... two leg byes.

22.4 Missed that. NOthing interesting. Lalala.

22.3 Again no run.

22.2 No run. Back to the bowlers. Had catching potential.

22.1 Hauritz to AB, who dances down the pitch hits to deep mid on. One run.

Ponting and Hauritz are having a chat. He's only had luck in Durban. Cape Town ugh.

A very fine point about G Smith's pulling there.

21.6 Hopes bleeds some more runs. Oh well next over to Miss Field who is lucky enough to call the next few wickets :)

21.5 AB takes another boring single, cmon guys 6's or wickets!

21.4 Gibbs defends back to the bowler down towads mid on for a single.

21.3 AB pulls it around his body for a single, he is so much more better at pulling than G. Smith:P

21.2 Gibbs on 49 here as the crowd goes silent and there it is, sucess for da baldy head man as he takes a sinlge on leg side. Now get out you bastard.

21.1 Ive been thinkin about Brett Lee, gonna get a wicket... Gonna get a wicket...

Full Tosser here as Hopes comes back into the attack. Bracken is bleeding runs, need a Hatrick here as Hopes comes to AB as he takes a cheeky sinlge to put 49 man on stricke.

20.6 Bracks to AB, thought he was going to break into song, but isntead on the back foot, drive to cover. One run. Over to the tosser.

20.5 Bracks over the wicket, Ab defends, no run. Good speed. 129kmh.

20.4 Bracks to Gibbs, a second slip would have been gone as the ball goes to third man for a single.

20.3 AB mistimes, no run.

20.2 Bracken to AB, lovely shot, pierced the field and gone for 4. The crowd's stoked.

20.1 Gibbs dances down the pitch, couple of runs, saved from 4.

Getting kinda bored. Can't watch when blogging. Wish this was T20.

19.6 Harwood to AB down leg side as it's paddled down for one run as AB retains the strike.

19.5 Harwood to AB as he clobbers it in the form of a cut shot to point. No run.

19.4 Gibbs now gets a full toss and he strickes it back to the bowler who cannot cut it of as mid off comes around to field, and he comes to 49.

19.3 Gibbs on strike on 48 as he doesnt pick up the slower ball as Harwood makes it bounce through to Haddin, well done mate.

19.2 Onto the front foot by Gibbs who takes two runs. Good hit I must admit... now WICKET!

19.1 Balckwoods for all you workplace needs!:P

Harwood into AB as he takes it down leg for a single. I wonder if AB's younger brother is CD and the Younger than that sister is EF...?

Mitch is back with Blackwoods. Oh Mitch.

18.6 On mid stump, defended to point. AB settling in. Boo to that.

18.5 Again, no run.

18.4 Sorry, make that AB. Straight to Clarke. One run.

18.3 Guided down to third man. One run. Gibbs on strike.

18.2 Same again, brought down by Hauritz and almost run out.... but not. If Hauritz's been quicker...

18.1 Or not... Bracken to AB, guided mid on, no run.

Here's my other man, young AB. Hello Abraham. Gonna get you for a duck. Oh yes.

Are we back in business? I hope so...

Hooray for Harwood. Is he related to Gwen? Unlikely! Hooray for Ferguson, a very handy young man. I think I'll claim them both.

17.7 Harwood to Kallis as he cuts fine and its gone! Wicket Ferguson takes a catch, good wicket as Kallis poo poos it again. GO Aussie!

17.6 Harwood to Gibbs who controls it to point, one run.

17.5 Gibbs looking interesting as a bald man, never seen him with hair... no run.

17.4 Harwood to Kallis as he hits him on the gloves, no real threat as they scamper through like rats for a single.

17.3 Ah I can see alchhol affecting me writing wheeeee. Another dot ball:)

17.2 SA are attacking our good bowlers as the ball is missed by the bat and through to Haddin. Good bowling for the old fella here.

17.1 Apparently thi pitch isn't very mosit but a bit on the dry sad, thats no fun! Harwood now as Gibbs pushes for a single onto the off side.

16.6 Straight forward defensive stroke to short extra cover, and yup, it's over.

Wicket time! Or not...

16.5 Again to Kallis, tucked it fine for 4.

16.4 Kallis clubs the ball into the crowd. Club = appropriate terminology.

16.3 . Misfield!! By Hauriz. Probably shouldn't celebrate that. No run.

Bracken Bracken he's our man... if he can't do it...... well let's face it, Mitchell Johnson probably can.

16.2 Again, paddles around but saved from being a four.

16.1 Bracken to Gibbs (I think?) No run.

How will it go from here? Spiral out of control I imagine? Will we win? Umm.

Now that I have a drink, I'm sure to make fewer msitakes. Ha!

Drinks break! Which I have taken advantage of, here with my Baileys... mm... smooth. I must say, great to hear a female commentator, she obviously knows her stuff too. I've observed with the commenators during the SA visit that generally they have less to say than the Aussies. Not necessarily a bad thing.

15.6 Harwood to Gibbs and... its.... played to third man who takes a single. and after 16 overs it 70 for 1 loss. Aussies are bring it back but they need to do that by getting wickets, not by slowing the run rate.

Drinks and im gonna get slightly more pissed:)

15.5 Gibbs defends off the backfoot as it runs to point. No run. Well done Harwood. Playing a god role here.

15.4 Harwood to Gibbs as he bottom edges it, it bounces a few timesbefore Haddin takes it and he celebrates.... something... maybe catching it...?

15.3 Kallis plays down past 2nd slip for a single and runs it down to 3rd man.

15.2 Kallis on strike as he swings and misses again, Harwood mixing it up here. DJ Harwood is rockin the the Port!

15.1 And i Noticed the band shut up whilst Miss Field was blogging didn't play its a conspiracy!!! Runs have not really dried up but slowed down. Goodo.

Harwood to Gibbs as he cuts for a single off the backfoot.

14.6 Hopes to Kallis, no run. 1 for 67.

14.5 Again to Kallies, hit off, again no run.

14.4 Hopes to Kallis, no run as one of the players exudes a loud FUCK! discernible to all.

14.3 The band can only be annoying the players.... imagine sitting near them. You'd want to them to shove their....Another swing and a miss as they scamper through for a cheeky single

14.2 Hopes to Gibbs. Mistimed, no run. The Aussies are itching for another wicket here.

14.1 Hopes to Kallis, defended to gully. One run.

Missy back, promise not to miss any balls this over.... doot doot doot...

13.6 Harwood charges in as Gibbs ducks. Chicken shit!

13.5 Harwood to Kallis who listens to that god awful noise byt the band in the staduim, who decided that!?! One pommy one is enough grrr Cut for a run.

13.4 Harwood wafts it down off and its struck to point for nothing.

13.3 Kallis swings down off side and misses through to Haddin.

13.2 Gibbs takes it down leg side with a tap and takes a single.

Were up to Smith's IQ in SA runs of 64.

13.1 Full tosser here as Harwood comes into Gibbs who again clubs the ball, this guy should be in baseball. Esp with his head shaved :P

12.5 Straight down the ground, one run.

12.4 Paddled onto leg. Boring.

12.3 Dances down the pitch, guides it down mid off for four. ALMOST caught. Carn laddies, get that wicket.

Close up of Ponting and his mullet.

12.2 Edged to first slip where there wasn't one, for one run. Cameron White is playing. Any fans out there?

12.1 Hopes to Gibbs (ideal wicket in my opinion), bit of a delay with the sightscreen, ok now he's happy, Hopes to Gibbs, direct onto the stumps, pulled, shouldn't have been, mistimed the ball as it bounced over his wicket... agaaaain. Almost a wicket. Do iiiit!!

K well.... another wicket or two would be well timed about now~

11.7 Harwood not look as good, now damn, Kallis defends o the front foot to short extra cover. Good pace by Harwood, needs a rocket ball into his stumps. Carn Aussie!

11.6 Harwood good of a length pulled to make 3 runs. Saffas chugging along here.

11.5 Harwood into Gibbs as he sticks his bat up as the ball goes over his head. Wide given. Damn umps being paid by the Saffas.

11.4 Harwood is looking good here direct onto the stumps but Kallis takes it down leg side. and thats the 50 up. boooooo.

11.3 Field change now Ponting works something, hopfully magic as Gibbs clubs it down the ground for 1 run. Gibbs wanted two :)

11.2 Harwood to Kallis directs it to 3rd slip and takes a run as there is no thrid slip. What is ponting doing?!> not sitting in 3rd slip.

11.1 This is getting interesting, runs and wickets, who will get the upper edge? Australia of course, Kallis on 1 and Gibbs on lots :( Harwood to Kallis who shoulders arms and watches it go down off side.

10.6 Kallis walks across his stumps, fielded, overthrows, stumps flying, one run.... quite exciting.... but no wicket....

10.5 Defended to short extra cover. No running or anything.

10.4 Hopes to Kallis, defended to point.

10.3. TImes two. C'mon Jaques... do something....

10.2 Ball left, straight through to the keeper.

Smith trudges off lookin sooky. Here comes the other chunker, Mr Kallis.

Yes Amy, he is truly not very important.

10.1 SMIITTTHY byebye! Hopes to Smith, caught Hadin. Goodbye my love!! WAHAHaaaaaa.

Bowling powerplay being taken which means field restrictions. This could be baaaaad.

Put the wrong score up before now, 46-0.

Thanks for the comment - knew you could!

9.6 Harwood to Gibbs as he cuts it fine, well controlled. 49 with no loss and Over to Miss Field:)

9.5 Harwood to Gibbs and its wide as they take no run.

9.4 Harwood says North on the back oh dear, into Gibbs who defends back to the bowler, THey arent taking him on like the did McGain. Goody!

9.3 Harwood from Vic to Gibbs who stuffs up, TYPICAL! no run.

9.2 Harwood to Smith who cuts fine and picks up a single. Good bowling thus far.

9.1 Hopes brings no luck the last over. Harwood the new guy into the attack. Right arm over fast Smith defends back to Mid on. Looks pretty dedicated.

Kudos to Micheal for getting me a drink.

8.6 Edged to deep third slip. Over to the Full Tosser.

0-49. Boo. How'd they add up so quick?

8.5 Gibbs pulled hard for 4. Yuck, on so many levels.

8.4 Ran down the pitch, mistimed the ball and looked all like a small kid smacking at a butterfly. Clumsy.

8.3 Again no run.

8.2 To Gibbs, big swing, no run.

Graeme Smith... cutting fine since 1981.

8.1 Hopes to noe one as he changed his mind.... run up mk 2... Hopes to Smithy, cut fine, one run, still boring.

woo bowling changes. James Hopes, carn laddie you can do it. get us a wicket or ten.

7.6 Johnson to Gibbs, cut and great fielding by Clarke, but we need a wicket!

7.5 Johnson, the handsome man to Gibbs, left alone. Like him at school.

7.4 Johnson to smith and he cuts it down near his stumps. Maybe this needs a bowling change...?

7.3 Johnson wider and its almost feilded but didn't... Another 4. This is beginning to suck.

7.2 Johnson direct on off stump, smith defending down the ground.

7.1 An average of just over 4 so far from SA. Johnson to smith and thats four, straight drive. THe crowd goes wild.

6.6 WICKET NOW PLEASE!!! Bracks to Gibbs, onto the backfoot, defended down to deep square leg. Picks up two runs. Ovuh!

6.5 Almost a full toss wide of the stumps, defended to short extra cover.

6.4 Inside edge to his pads. Still no run though he looked like he was in pain for a second. I'll take that.

6.3Again Bracks to Gibbs, went v high and went for six, but only got as far as a four. Suffer in yer jocks.

6.2 Try again ..... now he's defending on the front foot.

6.1 wicket this over pleeease. Bracken to Gibbs for 4. The south africans are pleased. enjoy it while it lasts... i say with false confidence.

5.6 Johnson looking good here Wide doen the off stump and a swing and a miss. 19 for nothing. Bit boring from the South Africans, give us a wicket!

5.5 On middle and Smith works it leg side to deep square leg. Only a few runs.

5.4 Smiith, cut it into his stumps again, keep goin Mithc soon.... very soon.....

5.3 Johnson to Smith wide down the off side left alone, so it should be!

5.2 Johnson stright onti leg stump full toss and SMeeth tangles himself up, dick:P

5.1 Johnson in again youker to Smeeth who digs it out, good batting, damn!

4.6 Bracks to my fella, who walked into the line of it and hit it to leg side. Come on, ramp it up!

4.5 16-0, Bracken to Smith, defended to point, no run. yawn!!

4.4 Bracken to Smith, straight bat, not gonna get through that.

4.3 Cutting into Smeethy, no run.

4.2 Gibbs runs forward, cheeky single. He needs a new uniform, the number on the back is peeling.

4.1 Bracken to Gibbs, defended to short cover, no run.

Right, well let us know if you're here, chuck us a comment. That's you kiks, I know you're out there!

3.7 Making up for the wide here, Gibbs defends to backward point, 15 without loss, which is a shame really the Aussies deserve a wicket :)

3.6 Gibbs defends, doesnt knwo what he's doin now, attack one ball defend the next wha?

3.5 Johnson on leg goin down to the keeper on off, what did I just see, must be the alchol:P

3.4 Swing and a miss, Gibbs tries to take him down the leg side from off and misses.

3.3 Gibbs takes him for 4, full of a length. 14 for nothing atmo!

3.2 Wide from Johnson, whats he doin? Gibbs looks unsettled, and so he should!

3.1 Johnson in and Smeeth pulls to take just one run, wow not cool for the saffas, Carn mitch aim for his 8 other fingers you havent hit.

Hi team, Miss Field and the Full Tosser here.

Our man Ponting has won the toss and sending the Saffers out to bat. And there's Graeme, with his uber massive glove... here we go...

Bracken to Smith, nudged to second slip. Try again laddie. It's high.... bah.

0.3 Bracken to Smith, wide! down the leg side. Shake of the shaggy mans hair

0.4 Bracken, good of a length, left alone

0.5 Bracken around the wicket, left alone.... shoulders arms... yawn... I don't like the Aussies uniforms?

0.6 Bracken to Gibbs left alone. One run off the over. YAY MITCH IS HERE!!!

1.1 Johnson on now, man he's lookin good. Can he break Smeeeths head this time? Johnson in full length defended, the crowd cheers as it goes nowhere near Smeeths hand.

1.2 Johnson back in for the second delivery. On to the off stump, bit of inswing onto the leg side and gets 2 runs! Wow

1.3 Good bouncy delivery straight through to the keeper.

1.4 A swing and a miss, damn shame there. Good speed and well taken but the wickie.

1.5 A defensive shot, GIbbs defending looking for the inswing and it went past his bat. Dumbass, wont last long here.

1.6 Another dombass shot and thats over. Gibbs is lookin unsteady, from an aussie fan boy POV ;)

Over to miss Field for the third over.

WOW Mitch is advertising Blackwoods. DUnno what it is but I'm gonna go there.

2.1 Bracken to Smithy, went to leg slip.

2.2 Smith Cut into his stumps but missed. Fool!!

There's a delay here. Tick tock lads.

2.3 Bracken to Gibbs, nearly took off a single before he realised the ball was almost at his stumps. A shame, the Aussies scrambed around.

2.4 Bracken to Gibbs... damn I got distracted. There might have been something there. nothing exciting.

2.5 Quick single, Hauritz went sliding. Fuck Ponting needs a haircut.

2.6 Another run. Boo clowns.


Anonymous said...

yay for you

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You know, I completely forgot Harwood's first name and it took me a while to remember it. Shows just how important he is.

Amy said...

I almost read his IQ as 164 and wondered what on earth you were talking about.

Oomby Dave said...

Glad I could clarify :P

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Trying to do every single ball? No wonder you crashed and burned!

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Speak for yourself!

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Hi Miss Fields,

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can you give me a call on 0402 332 534 if you're interested? Sorry about the late notice.


Rob said...

... they didn't keep your phone number then...

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