Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Year of the Jrod

If you visit any blog other than this one you're sure to know that Jrod of Cricket With Balls has published a book that he's compiled from a year's worth of blog posts.

Buy it. Why? Because the truth is, Jrod is headed for world domination. Don't be fooled by the format, this is blogland's own Jrod, who's well on his way to ensconcing himself in the world of English cricket journalism. He's also linking cricket with fundraising for Everyman, the UK charity for prostate cancer. He's done radio interviews (though not before me, I've got that one over him) and it won't be long before Today Tonight are sending a camera crew to England to get a piece of him. He has even stolen the heart of an English lass - that's right, he's infiltrated enemy lines. In fact I'd go so far as to say that this guy can win the Ashes for us just on his own spin.

Not convinced? Well sure, you can choose to pretend this dude isn't the future of cricket comment, but you'd be wrong. Alternatively, you can jump on the Cricket With Balls bandwagon and, one day soon, be telling your friends and workmates that you possess a first edition copy of Jrod's first book.

I've read the book. There's a shitload of reading there, and it's awfully entertaining. And, cricket aside, you can see how Jrod's writing style evolved over the course of the book and the year in which it was written.

So go here and help buy Jrod some dinner - it's a long way to the top, on his way though he is (it's not like he hasn't been mistaken for a homeless person before). At $20 (including postage) it would be un-Australian not to, and is just the treat for a shitty winter's evening in.

OR you can win one of two signed copies right here. To enter just send an email to with an appropriate reference in the subject line. Please include your name and country of residence. Your chances of winning will be improved if you can somehow prove that you've already purchased a copy of your own.


Ceci said...

A fab book - but it would have been nothing without its immaculate editing

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boncam said...

Hey Miss Field

Amy S referred me to your blog. Very interesting. I will add you to my blogroll.

P.S. I am not the biggest GS fan. But will try to refrain promises.


RLL said...

You can't win the bloody ashes, you've already got the bloody ashes.

Anonymous said...

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Moses @ Beer and Sport said...
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Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

When was your first radio interview about a cricket website you made? Mine was late 2003 on ABC AM 2BL 702, on a borrowed mobile in a hostel in Austria.

It was with grandstand, Jim Maxwell wanted to chat to me about my backyard cricket parody..

Anonymous said...
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