Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good call, Rudi

Rudi: Hmm. How to make this decision, what to dooo... Aha. I know a way that cannot fail... Hey Andrew, did you catch it?
Andrew: Um. Yes.
Rudi: Excellent. Whatsyername, fuck off.
Whatshisname: Wibble. *fucks off*
Ponting: Pssht.
Andrew: Waahaha Punter.
Daniel Vettori: Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you all!


Anonymous said...

w is for wicket, not whinge.



Miss Field said...

W, my friend, is for Winchester.

And Daniel would be very upset if he heard you were accusing him of whingeing.

Anonymous said...



Miss Field said...


Maybe a little justified at times? Like, there's a difference between being a bad sport and having a valid point?

Rob said...

looked out to me.

Tifosi Guy said...

Miss Field

Quick checks and since you are devoted to the Aus team you can clarify this for me :

1. Wasn't Ponting the one going around telling all and sundry - just accept the fielder's word ?

2. Aren't the Aussies who preach - take the good with the bad ?

So taking both those points together - why complain ? Just take it on the chin and move on :-)

Don't want to bring it up - but cast your mind back to Sydney 08. Hmm, you were happy to take the dodgy Clarke catch of Ganguly, and also Ponting appealed for a catch which he clearly grounded.

He subsequently claimed ' there is no way I ground that ball' - when pictures showed otherwise.

Just saying that ' as you sow, so you reap' :-)

Cheers !

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

1. True, when this was agreed prior to a series starting Ponting would accept a fielders word and walk when one of these fielders claimed a catch. Strauss didn't agree to these terms.
2. Yep, it's a solid philosophy

Re Sydney 08, Anil was stupid enough to accepting Pontings' catching agreement, so he's fair game.

This is all off-topic however, the issue in this case is with that dumbarse south african prick (Rudi, not Strauss) who should have referred this "catch" upstairs, as he did the previous day when he observed Hauritz take a less dubious one from closer to him.

SixSixEight said...

W is for Wombat.

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