Sunday, January 10, 2010


When I first started this blog a year or two back, my primary aim was to vent to no-one in particular my frustration about the series between Australia and India that was being played at the time. I was quite surprised when people responded, and damn, 2008 was a fun year for blogging.

Last year, not so much, for a few reasons, one being that I spent a fair portion of the year in countries where, if you asked someone for the cricket score, they’d look at like you like you were from outer space. (And probably follow up with a comment about insects). But it was a pretty big year for Australia, we lost the Ashes (boo), we slipped from number one (double boo), Matt Hayden retired (meh) and Jrod married Miriam (hooray!!).

But here I am. And you’re probably wondering how this has happened. Well if you’ve followed this blog at all over the last two years, you’ve probably worked out that there are two things that motivate me… controversy and… Graeme Smith.

Has anyone else noticed how different he looks? Blind Freddie wouldn’t have missed it. I know I am months behind, nonetheless it is a spectacular thing that should be celebrated. In fact I should be flown to South Africa immediately to celebrate this triumph with him. Immediately! And what will you, dear reader, get out of this? I will write about the adventure. That's right, nobody loses.

As you can see from the expert and aesthetically-pleasing graph below, as his weight increased, my motivation to blog decreased. This might make me sound like I am small-minded to overweight cricketers, but this is not true as I fancied him before anyway. I think it’s more of a Samson and Delilah kind of connection. A life force. Right?

So it seems I’m around for a bit longer. You have Graeme Smith to blame or thank, either way I had little to do with it.